by Bopsoft

A smart search tool used to expedite searching through your computer's files and storage

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bopsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Listary is a smart search tool that is easy to use and works as an automated keyword search application. It allows the user on a computer to quickly find content within a destination on their computer through a single search bar. Acting in the way a 'Control + F' (Find function) on a website works, Listary pulls up any results found within the search destination, allowing for ease of use and expedited results. Listary provides the user with a set of quick functions that makes a file or folder acquisition easier and more straightforward than searching through hundreds of areas. This application is meant to assist users of all types to find content on their hard drive faster, so they can perform the work they have intended to complete at a much quicker rate. This tool gives users new methods of searching, more powerful than Windows Operating Systems has provided.


  • Quickly access the search function with Listary's toolbar at the bottom of any opened file destination or open dialogue. 
  • Listary offers a right-click favorites list for easy access to frequently used destinations or files.
  • Listary offers a wide variety of shortcuts for those who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard. Use key shortcuts to quickly browse, search, and push on!
  • Some premium options are also available that include Last Open File grabbing, submenus, and more!

Listary is a tool that makes file acquisition and folder browsing a breeze. Before the availability of a tool such as Listary, often trying to find a file would come down to multiple dead-end searches and rerouting to broader folders. Listary seeks to eliminate the pain of mismanaged folders and randomized file organization. As a quick to use the tool, Listary stays out of the way, until it is needed most. The faster you can get the files you need, the sooner you can finish your task.

Listary allows for single field searching, giving the user a single form to enter keywords instead of clicking-through folders and files, looking for a document.
  • Operating systems for current Listary Version 5.00.2843: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Price for the software is free, though upgrading to the pro version for more features is 19.95 USD.
Listary is software that allows automatic keyword searching of files/folders in the computer system. It does this similiar to how you can search a webpage on the internet, aka by simple key commands like ctrl+f (user specified). Premium options are also available, such as "Last open file grabbing."
Listary is an amazing Smart Search tool that works as an automated keyword search application. You can easily access the search function with the toolbar. Listary offers a right click favorites list for easy access. There is a wide variety of shortcuts. Listary is a great tool to have in your everyday life.
Liam Dennis
I use my home computer for many things, work, fun, editing and keeping every photo and video I have which means there are thousands of files haha. This has made it so much easier to find what I am looking for quick and easy. It works better than the built in search engine which often legs a bit.
It seems that Listary could be useful for some people, but for me I don't really have any use for it as Windows 10 already has a built in file searching program. I would much rather use something that is from the OEM rather than a third party app that could potentially contain spyware or malware.
Looking for something a bit different than the basic Windows Explorer? If so, Listary may be the software you’ve been searching for. Listary is an app that replicates the functions and features of Windows Explorer but greatly expands upon them. Some of Listary’s notable features include fast disk searching, the ability to search as you type, quick launching of apps with just two key presses, as well as multiple context menus and favorites and history. Moreover, for power users, Listary Pro is also available, providing a wealth of additional options in order to get the very best out of the software.
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