by Vistumber

An advanced Access Point scanner for Windows above the market competitors.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vistumber

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Vistumbler for Windows is a breath of fresh air in a modern world of people looking for internet access. This has all the features you have been asking for in a Wi-Fi scanner, plus many more little perks you never thought you would need. The best thing of all, it’s free! You can choose to donate, which really helps and supports the developer, so if you like it, please consider it! It even has its own Git repository so you can report problems and request features, not even mentioning the cloning options for developers out there who wish to expand on it. You can even download additional language packs to make it easier to use in your native tongue. The interface includes many useful features, a table containing the specifications, such as channel, Mac address, status, coordinates, network type, encryption type, signal strength, and even tells you the manufacturer. My favorite feature is the compass, enabling you to see the very direction of the access point. Thus the strongest possible signal is obtained. All GPS details are available to view on the main GUI. It’s advanced with so much possibility, but simple enough for an everyday internet ‘explorer’ with basic knowledge. 


  • Exports GPS locations of access points to Google Earth.
  • It communicates Signal Strength using sound files.
  • Open source, free.
  • Works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista. 
  • Lightweight, only 6.6mb, so very easy on your memory and CPU. 

In conclusion, I think it is far ahead of its competitors for Wi-Fi access point finding. Its features seem endless, and the simple interface makes it so easy to use, and I learned so much myself from using this software. You can’t ask for more from a piece of software from the open-source market that charges nothing. Donations are highly encouraged, as you will definitely get the benefits you would get from paying high-end prices of its competitors. 

It's Open Source!
  • .NET v4 framework required.
  • Windows operating system
Vistumbler v10b5 (5.01 MB)
Vistumbler b5 10 (5.01 MB)
Vistumbler 9.4 (2.74 MB)
The vistumbler is a very excellently idea! I feel as it would be of great access to just about anybody, and any age! Access to this download would be helpful in situations where you need wifi to do something last minute for work, Just an example.
Vistumbler is an effective piece of software when you are trying to coordinate your location but do not want to use other software or other techniques. I really enjoy it being open source and being free so it is very open to the public and anyone who does not have financial gains such as myself and can easily use it.
Logan Stallings
A tool that helps you to find a strong WIFI signal to connect to internet. Basically what this software does is to scan the area and look for the best and stronger wifi connections available. It also gave you a good detailed information of every wifi connection on the area.
Vistumbler for Windows is a tool that can help you scan a wireless network. It will provide all the information that you need about that network's details because it is capable of identifying where access points are, determining and verifying any network configurations, and detecting any access points that are unauthorized. It will help you visualize all this information in a simple way.
Vistumbler is a tool that helps you detect the available WiFi network around your device. It can be real and a time you need to connect the server by your own. this is a beneficial software in the device because it is also referred to as supporting GPS of your gadget.
Vistumbler is one of the best application software scanner for Wireless network locations. The autoIT program is used in this application software. It uses Windows native WiFi API to identify access points and get detailed wireless information data. The main reason for this application software is to mapping and visualizing the wireless access points around some specified locations. This application is applicable to all Windows Operating Systems. Microsoft .NET framework application is also required for its better operation.
A great wireless network scanner for windows. This product is designed to help you find network access points in your local area based on the wireless and GPS traffic it collects. Designed for Windows 10, but also works with older versions of Windows. The display is great, it will give you a GPS map like something for google maps with all the network traffic mapped out on it. Great, helpful, and easy to use GUI.
Vistrumbler will scan your area for wifi signals and provide data such as signal location and strength, This can be very useful for field workers who need to troubleshoot local wifi access points used by ISP, i know i use Shaw communications and they offer open wifi around my area, I could imagine professionals using this to locate trouble areas for improvement.
In an age where WiFi is necessary, Vistumbler has a solid niche in automatically scanning through all available WiFi around its user and telling them the available wireless access nodes. It has a simplistic design and a useful function.
Free and functional basic wireless scanning for SSID's, Signal strength, and channel. It is simple yet powerful. It is open source. Not great visualizations. GPS support is a good one. For best results, disconnecting from all access points while scanning for networks is a good one. It gives you a great deal of information about each. It does not appear to work with a wider variety of hardware.
Vistumbler for Windows is a network scanner for wireless communications. It is written in AutoIT language and its main purpose is to map out all the access points currently around you based on wireless data collected. It uses the Windows Native Wifi API to find these access points to gain info. It is a good software and works incredibly well at getting the job done.
I am using this software from the past 1 month. Its user interface is simply awesome. By using this we can scan the wireless access points around us and can connect to them, if necessary. Another useful feature of this application is that it supports GPS, so that we can see the graphical representation of all GPS access points. Its main drawback is it sometimes not working properly in windows 7 and then works only if we restart the system.
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