by Playclaw

PlayClaw gives you the possibility to see several game overlays on your screen while you play.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Playclaw

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PlayClaw gives us the ability to see different angles of games, on our screens while playing. With a good recording and excellent transmission of different games incorporated, the software is an effective tool absolutely essential for all types of players.

The application contains too many features that anyone would like to have when playing.


With the help of the recording and the transmission of games that it has incorporated, the software is a handy tool for anyone who uses it.
  • Different overlays: information within the system, web camera, time, timer, chronometer, among other tools.
  • Live broadcasts: You can stream the game to different services such as YouTube, Hitbox, CyberGame, among other services
  • Video encodings: The application can use hardware-accelerated H.264 codecs (NVidia, AMD, Intel), MJPEG software, and OpenH264 codecs.
  • Good audio processing: this application can use up to 16 audio sources at the same time. All audio data is mixed in a single audio track. Also, the software supports audio writing to separate audio files.
  • Desktop recordings: This type is available exclusively for Windows 10 and 8
  • Video processing: Almost all operations are performed in the GPU. That is why the change in the size of pictures in real-time, the superimposed drawings are very fast.

PlaClaw is an application that has a very good category and also has excellent comments that people give to the next. There are very few people who consider that this application is terrible. In my personal case, I think it is quite good, and that like Everything needs some details that with time will surely be fixed little by little. It is something very good and positive, and I am sure that it is very close to being a perfect application. It is an application that many people who are Gamers can take advantage of, such as live broadcasts, desktop recording, among many more essential features that make this application very good.

  • Its great game compatibility: It is compatible with DirectX games 9,10,11,12, OpenGL, and Vulkan.
  • UWP games are also compatible
Awesome tool to use in tandem with twitch while streaming gameplay. It works smoothly and has a built-in screen capture feature so I can dispense with my external screen capture program. Setting it up takes a minute but it was worth the effort.
Using this PlayClaw software, we can capture the game smoothly up to 200 fps. We can record and stream play our gameplay in you tube or in any other social media plat form. We can also see a various overlays such as system information, team speak, Discord overlay, browser overlay, webcam overlay, and more in this software. This software is designed for recording a high quality video of game play and have the least amount of impact on game play that is we can easily capture our gameplay without any interruption between playing. we will be satisfied if we installed this software for its encoding speed because it offers the local recording streaming on you - tube which makes it interesting. We can also see the image overlay, dynamic text overlay and more.
Leon C.
PlayClaw is a game recording and streaming software for Windows. It captures in-game video and audio, and allows users to stream and record gameplay on popular video streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. PlayClaw also has advanced features such as overlays, custom graphics, multi-track audio recording and more.
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