by KidZui

KidZui is an Internet browser for kids, providing a safe and fun online experience with kid-friendly content.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KidZui

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KidZui is an online browser and launcher designed specifically for kids ages 3 to 12. It provides a safe, interactive, and entertaining online experience, allowing kids to explore the Internet in a secure environment.

KidZui provides a safe and secure online environment for children to explore the Internet.

• Comprehensive Content Filtering: KidZui filters out inappropriate content using proprietary technology, while allowing access to over 6 million pre-screened websites, videos, and images.

• Safe Browsing: KidZui uses proprietary technology to block sites that contain inappropriate content, malware, and viruses.

• Parental Controls: Parents can manage their child's online activity by setting time limits, selecting content, or blocking certain websites.

• Parental Dashboard: A convenient dashboard allows parents to monitor their child's activity and to approve or reject any content they deem inappropriate.

• Easy Navigation: KidZui's simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for kids to find their favorite websites, videos, and images.

• Social Networking: Kids can make friends, send messages, and post comments with KidZui's safe and secure social networking feature.

• Games and Activities: KidZui offers hundreds of age-appropriate games and activities for kids to enjoy.

• Educational Content: KidZui has thousands of educational websites, videos, and images to help kids learn.

• Rewards System: Kids can earn points for using KidZui and can use these points to redeem rewards.

• Mobile App: KidZui has a mobile app that allows kids to access the KidZui browser and launcher on their favorite mobile device.

• Remote Access: Kids can access the KidZui browser and launcher from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

• Monitoring: Parents can monitor their child's activity and keep track of their online habits.

• Kid Safety: KidZui has a number of features designed to keep kids safe, including a secure login, two-step authentication, and an age-based content filter.
The minimum requirements for running KidZui software on a computer are as follows:

• Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac OSX 10.6 and up
• CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent
• Memory: 2GB RAM
• Hard Drive: 2GB of available space
• Video Card: Intel HD Graphics or AMD equivalent
• Internet Connection: Broadband connection with at least 1Mbps download speed
• Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or higher
• Adobe Flash Player: Version 11 or higher
• Microsoft Silverlight: Version 5 or higher
• Java Runtime Environment: Version 7 or higher
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Adam T.

I recently tried out KidZui software and found it to be a great tool for young children to access the internet in a safe, monitored environment. There are a lot of fun activities and games that kids can choose from and the parental controls are quite useful. The interface is very user-friendly, making it easy for the kids to navigate and find what they're looking for. The browser even remembers what the child previously searched, so they don't have to type it all in again. I also like the way it can be set up to block certain sites or even entire categories of content. Overall, KidZui is a great way for children to explore the internet and have fun in a safe environment.
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