LanAgent Standard

by NetworkProfi

LanAgent is a smart tool to monitor all actions of a remote computer user

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NetworkProfi

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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LanAgent is a program for tracking user activity on computers in the local network of organizations. The program will allow you to monitor how your employees spend their working time, and will allow you to identify actions that are not related to the work.

LanAgent consists of two parts - client and server. The server is installed on the administrator's computer, and the client part of the program is installed on users' computers. The client collects information about all activities on computers in the network and transmits it to the server, which processes it and makes convenient reports.

The information collected by the client part is stored on the users' computers in encrypted logs until the administrator sends a request to receive these logs. After they've been sent, they're erased.

- client operation does not depend on the server operation, i.e. shutdown of the admin computer does not affect the clients' operation on the users' computers;

- information is exchanged via the TCP/IP protocol. All the administrator needs to know to get the information is the IP of the computer on the network;

- logs can be stored on users' computers for as long as it takes. Theoretically, their size is limited only by the size of the hard disk. But the bigger the login size, the more time it will take to transfer to the administrator's computer;

- By default the client part of LanAgent is started every time when Windows starts, i.e. it is in autorun. The monitoring starts at the same time, however, if you want, you can disable automatic monitoring when Windows starts. And then the client will start, but monitoring will be disabled and will wait for the server command.

I actually used to record the actions of my employees in office as it provides how many hours they are working on pc and what are all the website searched that is histories in the CP. I will find out if any of my employee doesn't work. Helpful in industrial uses.
Matthew K.
LanAgent Standard is a network monitoring and user activity tracking solution designed to help businesses manage employee productivity and ensure security. It provides detailed reports of user activity, including Internet and application usage, file transfers, printing, and more. It also offers remote control, software deployment, and alerting capabilities.
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