RegRun Security Suite Platinum

by Greatis Software

Software designed to detect and remove Trojans, Viruses, Worms, Spyware and Adware components and Rootkits

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Greatis Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RegRun Security Suite Platinum is a set of powerful and versatile tools for optimising, configuring and protecting your operating system. The program also monitors the registry and system files for suspicious changes. Auto-backloaded programs also come under the scrutiny of RegRun Security Suite Platinum. And, monitoring of suspicious changes can be carried out even before loading Windows, which allows you to effectively detect Trojans.

There is also a special function - the creation of a special configuration file, which will allow you to set and debug your own Windows startup parameters.

- Detection of rootkits during Windows startup. Removal of hidden core rootkits;

- a utility with a user-friendly interface for tracking and destroying hidden Trojans and rootkits;

- BootLog XP is a Windows boot analyzer;

- Start Control - easy management of the program autoloading;

- Registry Guard - protection against changes of autoload keys in the registry;

- Startup Optimizer is a convenient and advanced autoload management system;

- safe start of Windows, blocking any suspicious changes;

- monitoring of network connections;

- Clean Boot is an advanced alternative to Windows "Safe Mode";

- Background monitoring of programs during a working session, allowing you to undo any changes, additions or deletions;

- protection of system files;

- Infection Detector is a module for detecting file infections;

- Database of applications in use;

- coordinator of known antivirus programs;

- an advanced process manager;

- A system file editor similar to Microsoft Sysedit, but more convenient;

- configurable program startup delay;

- display of all files currently in use;

- file extension manager;

- Registry Assistant is a powerful registry editor with advanced search and replacement;

- Registry Tracer to control the selected registry keys from the changes;

- an advanced task manager. Allows you to start several programs simultaneously, with a delay, or to build a "chain" of startup of them in turn;

- WinSock2 recovery module;

- the substitution detector in the system files;

- Back up the registry and system files and restore them quickly;

- RunGuard - analyzes script files (VBS, JS), Microsoft Office files, registry files, or HTML files before execution;

- a Trojan analyser;

- WinCleaner to clean up the Internet cache, temporary files and any other user-defined files;

- Windows boot log analyzer;

- Windows Boot Process Analyzer;

- Registry compressor to reduce the size of the registry and clear it of remote records and others.

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