by Alessandro Zanni

An open-source password-retrieval program, using many different methods

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alessandro Zanni

Antivirus check: passed

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LaZagne, an open-source project with a GitHub page, consists of a hand-made tool that prioritizes finding the most passwords located on your device/operating system. The code itself is written in Python and integrates itself flawlessly into the computer, the same way a simple standalone release (.exe) exists on the page, added to aid all the common folk in need. The application, in addition, operates on both Linux, Mac, and, of course, Windows. Lazagne scans browsers, sysadmins, familiar databases, Git, and general memory. It also does chats, emails, WiFi connections that were previously established, and many more.

The interface itself, surely, isn't some sort of, well, a thing - as it just basically consists of the password it found and to which install instances/services they belong. We wouldn't say that's either a bad or good thing, so we'd settle to say that it simply does the job (especially considering it functions via Command Prompt). The advantage, though, is definitely all the ways you can customize your program to run the way you like, like writing all the found passwords into text files, or JSON if you like.


  • Fairly precise searching algorithms, which can also be edited if needed
  • The program's light weight and minimal reliance on the CPU speed or broadly anything hardware-related
  • Updates coming up to this day on the GitHub page, as well as some basic help on the project setup and more
  • A manageable and undemanding nature of the app makes this a great choice for forgetful people who just want fast upfront access to earlier saved keys

Summing this all up, LaZagne's basic functionality is what we would call "just enough" for most people. We could credit individuals who either possess large amounts of data on their computer and can't manage all of that to find one small password or just fellows who can't find (or remember) one, as it usually happens to almost all of us.  

LaZagne is a great all of the key/passwords stored on your system, utilizing algorithms (custom ones, too), API, device information, databases, and more
Operating system: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Requires command line interface proficiency
Available space for installation and operation

Supports multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and MacOS.
Open-source software offers flexibility for modifications.
Recover passwords from over 20 different applications.

Requires familiarity with command line interfaces.
Cannot recover non-locally saved passwords.
Struggles with complex encryption methods.
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