League of Legends

by Riot Games

High-quality graphics and Dungeons and Dragons like characters

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Riot Games

Release: League of Legends 9.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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My review is that this software is a little cumbersome because I have to create a username with an email to get the download. Next, the install says 8.2 GB is needed. This is a lot. It does let me specify the source root folder upon which to install. It looks like the install is mostly 145MBytes. The splash screen intro graphics are fantastic. Now it's downloading another 2GB of something. However, not sure why there is an angry little girl with an ugly, no eyed teddy bear as one of the characters.

Starting the game, there is a lot of reading with bubble windows. However, the game is still installing something else, at 12% now, the Game client. Characters Miss Sarah Fortune (Bilgewater captain and Bounty hunter), Darius (Hand of Noxus), Ahri (Fox woman),  Master Yi (blade man), and Lux (the lady of luminosity). These characters look awesome.

Install is at 30%. It seems like I'm installing Microsoft Office or something. ETA is 29 Minutes because I think it is also downloading.

The intro Awesome. Hotkeys, Sound, Video, and a few other settings let me change to my environment, but I keep defaults. The game characters move, but not well with a regular mouse. I need a gaming mouse, but it runs pretty well. The characters have a cool, striking action when shooting, but they walk a little slow and turn a bit slow. I think I'd prefer an up down left right kind of Zelda like move, but I bet this will be better over time. The game has a bird's eye view of my character. It's pretty hard to defeat the first big man by a little outpost. I died within 45 seconds. My next life defeated this enemy.

I keep clicking on the tutorial, but nothing happens. When I exit the game, it appears I was in the tutorial for part of this review. It also has Rewards, but I'm not sure what those are yet. If I hit the hotkeys, Q, R, D, E, or F, I can shoot a bigger gun, jump or display some kind of compass that illuminates my path. Overall, this game seems like Zelda, but it has more narrow and longer paths, not many individual rooms. In My Collection, I can have spells, wards, chromas, emotes, skins, and Champions. The game seems like it's cool to play for longer than a month or about that long.


  • 5 characters to choose as your player
  • The game is able to work with a regular mouse
  • Does not need special graphics
  • Comes with a tutorial
  • High-quality graphics
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