NaviFirm Plus

A firmware downloader for Nokia mobile phones which makes it possible to update them to the latest software.

Operating system: Windows

Release: NaviFirm Plus 3.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NaviFirm Plus is a software solution that allows firmware and ROMS to be installed on pre-Windows mobile phones, making it possible to get the latest updates. It was designed especially for Nokia feature phones that run Symbian, which can otherwise be difficult to update. NaviFirm Plus is therefore not a compatible solution for updating smartphones.

NaviFirm Plus is available as freeware and can be downloaded as a ZIP file. The interface is easy and intuitive enough for beginners to grasp but also has plenty of more advanced options for seasoned pros to delve into. NaviFirm Plus allows access to different versions of firmware, depending on the model of the phone and by country. It will even scan and detect the appropriate firmware to install on your device, and allows you to identify your phone by matching it to a photo.

While NaviFirm Plus provides a safer way to update the firmware, it is still important to note that it is possible to "brick" a mobile device by installing the wrong firmware, so always proceed with caution and be certain of which version to download. The screening tools included with NaviFirm Plus should be sufficient to provide this information and allow you to proceed with confidence.

It's easy for beginners to use, but also has some more advanced options.

  • Allows firmware updates for Nokia mobile phones
  • Intuitive interface that is appropriate for both novices and experts
  • It is a portable program that can be copied between devices and leaves no traces in Windows registry
  • NaviFirm Plus is licensed as freeware for Windows 32 and 64 bit Operating System

If you are looking for a solution to smoothly update the firmware on a Nokia feature phone to Windows, NaviFirm Plus is the optimum solution designed for your needs. It's available at no charge, portable, easy enough for anyone to install and use, and offers plenty of options.

This description/ product looks great a brilliant discriptive piece of writing with many functions,its stated that it is user friendly, and has many many benefits to using it. There will be many people confident to aquire this piece of software as they will be confident in using it, know what to use it for and may even recommend this software to others, i loved the way the while thing was set out and i would definitely be reccomending on to another friend or family member!
NaviFirm Plus is a tool that allows you to download different kinds of firmware produced by Nokia. You can also use the program to obtain Nokia product codes and identify which product code corresponds to your Nokia phone. I really like that you can use the application without even installing it; this makes it much more convenient to take advantage of.
I love NaviFirm! It works so good on my Nokia! It makes my phone work so seamlessly. It is really great software and so glad that I got it for my phone. I was skeptical about not getting a big name brand phone but I'm glad I am different than everyone. I always get asked what kind of phone I have because the interface is so different from the common phone.
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