by Screenleap

A screen sharing solution that works for everyone instantly

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Screenleap

Release: Screenleap 10.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Screen Leap allows the user to share their desktop quickly and easily without a lot of fuss or technical know how. This website solution is great for business or personal use. You can instantly share information with others and collaborate through the wonders of an Internet connection.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple connection process.
  • Can be up and running in minutes nothing to download.

This software solution will enable businesses to be more productive at far less the cost of communicating and sharing information. Anyone anywhere int he world can access your desktop and partake in your current projects or share information with you. It can help your technical department access and share information to resolve issues or technical concerns someone else is having. It can be run from almost any device as well and there is no need to install anything. Imagine being able to attend a meeting from your smartphone on a beach in the Bahamas and see what your team is actually working on in detail and then being able to accomplish work goals without being strapped down to a brick and mortar office space. This screen sharing resource could revolutionize how your company does business altogether. You can access data, share ideas, see progress as it happens and be a part of contributing your ideas and desires to shape the direction your team is taking. It is a wonderful service that takes little to no effort to implement. You can sign up and share without others even having an account. You can share with anyone seamlessly. I feel like it could benefit any business that needs a way to increase productivity and reduce expenses. Anyone from anywhere can connect with you in an instant and give you input or ok any project, and that saves time and money. It also eliminates misunderstandings that can occur by old fashioned sharing via email. I would recommend this service to anyone out there that can see the tremendous value in screen sharing.

Its simple and easy to get started with.
Ricky Brown
Screenleap is awesome! Setup was super quick and its real easy to learn. I was able to share my desktop with my family almost immediately after down loading it. I recommend it to anyone who needs to show another their desktop. Great product.
Screenleap is a easy way to share your screen with other people. I use this with friends, family members, or even for my business that i work with. You don't have to spend a lot of time telling someone how to use it because it is self explanatory and even those without much computer experience can utilize this program.
Screenlap seems a bit redundant for a product. There are already so many screen sharing products out there. And I don't really see anything that sets it apart from other platforms doing the same thing.
My work has a few different offices spread out, so this makes it super easy for coworkers to collaborate. Pretty often we'll ask to be shown some process or Excel formula so this toll is extremely valuable to us. Set-up was easy for everyone to understand, usually there is a lot of growing pain with any new tech we introduce at work but this was extremely painless. Overall if you have a lot of teammates or coworkers working on one project Screenleap is a must-have
Muhammad Coley
I am constantly travelling for work and a part of my job is giving presentations over skype and other softwares. This has easily allowed me to share my screen for my presentations and at one point I was sharing to over 780 people and there was no issue! Works great if you need help with something on your computer and you are alone.
this screen leap is used to share some online consultation and by using a browser so it is used to share our camera such as simply use for online meeting
Screenleap is easy to use software that can be easily downloaded to a large variety of platforms. It allows for sharing what is on your computer screen. It is straight-forward and easy to understand. People with minimal computer skills will find it user friendly. The download is quick with step by step instructions. You will quickly be able to share your computer screen with those that you choose. If you are able to read instructions you should have no trouble.
With the recent pandemic, we have all attended virtual meetings and sharing a screen during a presentation would be amazing. Screenleap makes it possible and very easy. it is amazing. You should try it and you will thank me later.
Screenleap for Windows is excellent for people on the go all the time and working professionals as well as it comes with a variety of different features. In addition to that is compatible with the most updated Windows such as Windows 7,8 and 10. Also, installation is simple quick, and easy.
This is a good software program that allows easily sharing of your desktop screen. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants the ease and convenience of sharing the desktop directly from the notification area of their taskbar. A must-have application.
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