Kutools for Excel

A great way for beginner Excel users to create complicated and fancy Excel Spreadsheets!

Operating system: Windows

Release: Kutools for Excel 18.00

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kutools for Excel is an absolutely amazing add on for Excel! It's a really great tool that will simplify many of Excel's complicated functions and make them easy to learn and incorporate for an Excel user of any level.

The basic way that Kutools for Excel functions is that it creates additional ribbons which will allow you to find and select the exact functionality that you need for anything you're trying to design! All you have to do is find the appropriate function and click on it and then Kutools for Excel will fully handle implementing it for you!

A great function Kutools for Excel has is that it can take a snapshot of your current workbook so you can easily restore it if you do anything to damage your workbook. This is great in case you start playing with the various functions that Kutools for Excel offers and do something wrong. It can also be great if you're trying to learn Excel programming on your own and you do something that ends up damaging your spreadsheet.

Kutools for Excel will allow you to set up simple functions like merging cells that are the same, reversing ranges, swapping ranges, comparing cells, locking certain cells, estimating, converting to a certain format.

It can search your entire workbook for you and even do a fuzzy search if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for! It can edit certain cells for you across multiple workbooks. It can also edit multiple workbooks at once and combine them all together.

Overall Kutools for Excel is an excellent program that everybody needs to try as you'll be amazed at all of the Excel functions that you simply don't know about! Kutools for Excel works on any version of Excel from Excel 2007 on. It requires a Windows computer. The trial version is complete and fully functional for 60 days. So that's a great way to see everything that it can do for you! When you realize how much you love it and how necessary it really is it will only cost you $39 to register!

Kutools for Excel simplifies everything greatly and lets the user accomplish anything without all of the programming knowledge necessary.
In Kutools for Excel, there are about 300 advanced features. An example of these features would be users can easily combine worksheets, merge cells, paste to only visible cells, and many others. This feature is 110,000+ Excel user choice. It has become a favorite tool for Excel users.
Kutools for Excel is incredibly useful for my accounting job and provides a wide array of new abilities which aren't available in the default version of Microsoft Excel. My favourite features of Kutools is the ability to encrypt certain cells in the spreadsheet, protecting sensitive data and the ability to create a mailing list to default, instead of having to send emails one by one. Lastly, the software is free and considering the amount of features, is an excellent addition to Excel.
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