Mangal to Kruti Converter

by Technocom Solutions

A Unicode converter for Devnagari scripts that swiftly transforms Mangal font into Kruti Dev

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Technocom Solutions

Release : Mangal to Kruti Converter 1.6.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Mangal to Kruti is an innovative UNICODE conversion software, specifically designed for HINDI, MARATHI, NEPALI and other DEVNAGRI scripts. It allows for easy conversion of text from Mangal font (Arial Unicode MS) to Kruti Dev font, thereby saving you precious time. Furthermore, it also has the ability to leave English text unchanged, thereby saving you the need to reformat your document after conversion. This software is able to import data from RTF/TXT files for conversion. It boasts an impressive conversion speed and can convert hundreds of pages in no time at all. It is known for its reliability, speed, and accuracy. Mangal to Kruti Converter is a valuable tool for DTP operators and printers as many DTP software such as PageMaker/Illustrator still do not support Hindi in Unicode.

"Mangal to Kruti Converter allows quick and accurate conversion from Unicode to Kruti Dev font."
  • It is the first tool on the market that supports true Unicode conversion, meaning it now allows converting real text with a mix of English and Hindi directly from Unicode to Kruti font.
  • It's the fastest Unicode converter, capable of converting hundreds of pages in just minutes.
  • It's a UTF-8/Unicode to ANSI converter for Devnagari scripts.
  • Supports conversion of Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Maithili, Bhojpuri and other Devnagari Unicode scripts into ANSI conversion.
  • Converts Unicode Mangal (Arial Unicode MS) to Kruti Dev.

In short, Mangal to Kruti is a powerful tool that greatly simplifies the conversion of Unicode in Devnagari scripts. Whether it's saving time on converting large volumes of text or ensuring the accuracy of the conversion, this software is a must-have for anyone working with Hindi and other Devnagari scripts. Its speed and reliability make it a preferred choice for many DTP professionals and printers.

Requires a Unicode supporting system
Supports importing data from RTF/TXT files
Able to handle large volumes of text conversion
Designed for Devnagari scripts like Hindi, Marathi, Nepali

Supports true Unicode conversion for mixed text.
Fastest Unicode converter, converting hundreds of pages quickly.
Maintains accuracy in conversion, leaving English text unchanged.

No support for non-Devnagari scripts conversion.
Lacks additional text editing features.
No option to convert vice-versa, Kruti to Mangal.
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