by maxthon-browser-official

A powerful security windows-based browser

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: maxthon-browser-official

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Maxthon is a very powerful browser software, using a 2-core module computer browser independently developed by Maxthon. On the basis of safe shortcuts, the compatibility mode of online banking and online shopping websites is guaranteed.

It has innovated two nuclear acceptance methods. And it embedded cloud hosting advertising filtering system software with strong practicality.

It is able to reasonably guarantee compatibility mode, reliability, and safety factor and very procrastinated.

Advance the link in the web page to open the website with the new logo

Take a photo in advance to view the picture in the new logo, or save it to the desktop immediately

Pre-text to apply alternative search engine text, and query Baidu search in the new tab

Mouse gestures, mouse taps, pointing device gestures, fire gestures

Click the mouse to draw a simple movement track, and then you can perform the necessary actual operations while browsing the web, some updates, close the logo, move to the top of the web page, etc.

provide super strong security and password easy management for free

  • Full platform cloud service project
  • Cloud message push-suitable for mixed development machines and devices (Windows, Android, iOS) to transmit text, photos and connections
  • Cloud Sharing-Free web pages (photos, texts, connections, etc.) can be shared with friends and family based on the Maxthon cloud computer browser

  • Cloud tags-open identification content on other machines and equipment anytime, anywhere. At this stage, it is suitable for random sharing with Windows, Android, iOS multi-service platform machines and equipment
  • Cloud backup-personal collection, option settings, smart filling tables, and other account data information are instantly synchronized, completing the seamless connection with Windows, Android, and iOS service platforms.