Mendeley Desktop

by Mendeley

Total system management app, with many practical features in place

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mendeley

Release : Mendeley Desktop 1.19.5

Antivirus check: passed

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Mendeley Desktop presents itself as an easy-to-use research-helping tool, having quite a sum of useful features in its arsenal for you to use on your social research journey. The application mainly fits various developers, students (of all sorts), professionals, and others, in short, anyone with knowledge of the sphere being discussed. It could be addressed as a social network, applying all the rules from the bigger (yet broader) ones and specializing them into certain groups to help like-minded people come together to review each other's work, organize their studies, or simply discuss the selected topic. MD could also be personalized strictly for the user, focusing more on having all your data in one place, organized, and ready to be published/edited if so needed, adding additional utility level to the program.

It also makes use of the user's Mendeley account, which you can seamlessly sync to any device, with all of your saved studies also being present anywhere you would like them to be. The options are highly configurable, having many software parts that can all be adjusted/edited, or removed entirely if desired. It should be mentioned that security is also highly valued, and, using diversified safety mechanisms, all the data is stored with care at Mendeley databases.


Mendeley Desktop, presenting itself as a social research management software, consists of a number of practical qualities that all make it a great choice among those
  • Customizable libraries, having sections like Recently Read/Added, Favorites, My Publications, and more
  • Filtering options, able to search by name, date, etc.
  • Group creation/editing and all the perks that come with it
  • Pretty tailored setting menu, having many changeable parameters to work around with
  • Is also cross-platform
  • Fast and easy syncing, accessible from any device connected to the Network
  • Free use of software, not limiting its users to paying any fees or generally having hard monetization 

To sum it all up, Mendeley Desktop, nevermind coming off as a tiny bit outdated (compared to some new releases), is still a great way of finding people with similar interests/work occupations and sharing your work with them, as well as reviewing other's ones, too.

OS: Windows 7 or newer, macOS 10.10 or newer, Linux
Min. 4 GB RAM
Min. 500 MB hard disk space
Screen resolution at least 1024x768 pixels

Enables organized database creation of bibliographic references.
Facilitates document marking, annotation, and tagging.
Promotes collaboration and synchronization across multiple devices.

Limited storage space for free version.
Does not support all citation styles.
Syncing across devices can be slow.
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