An arm mining platform for first generation bitcoin miners.

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MinePeon is basically a mining platform that helps miners to invest in their bitcoins. It is mostly used in earlier stages of bitcoin trading. Even now it has been used by some people as it is easy to use, and they keep upgrading the software based on evolution. MinePeon software is designed in such a way that can be installed easily. MinePeon software is very easy to handle, it can be used even by newbies. It does not require any coding experts to operate. Also, MinePeon is very cheap and does not require any huge investment for operating. MinePeon does not require a full Personal Computer to start mining as it runs on Raspberry pi. In a recent update, MinePeon is fully rebuilt with Arch Linux. Also, this updated software will send e-mail notifications if they encounter a problem and they try to fix the problem in the next update. The major update in the recent version of the MinePeon software is that the miners have full control over how the mine runs, they can even kill and restart their own miners. The MinePeon 0.2.4 release is the monster of all the releases. This rebuild has a great focus on the performance and stability of the software in the mining process. Each and every file will be severely scrutinized to make sure that the files have been fetched from authenticated miners. Also now the MinePeon software can be ported to other devices so one can expect to see beagle bone black ports and cube ports soon. It provides a configuration that helps the miners to add or delete the parameters and even can change the miners.

Provides E-mail notification on issues.

  • MinePeon Software is user friendly and can be used even by beginners
  • Can be ported to any other device.
  • Runs on Raspberry pi.
  • If any problem is encountered in the system, an e-mail will be sent which helps to resolve the problem.
  • Any parameters can be changed easily
  • Can set up the threshold limit on mining.
I found this software to be a bit temperamental - a few friends found the same issue. It was glitchy as times and definitely lagged and crashed. However, when it did work it was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the fact that you can enjoy mining without investing too much.