Motorola Device Manager

by Motorola Mobility LLC

Control your device remotely, installing updates and managing information stored in your device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Motorola Mobility LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Makes managing your cell phone from your phone much easier and more straight forward than it usually is.

  • This software allows you to manage your cellular device by plugging into your computer with a USB cable.  The software offers an easy and straight forward way of installing updates to your phone when connected to your computer 
  • The software will also allow you to manage your music, apps, photos, and videos all through your computer when connected to the phone.  This makes the exchange of information from your phone to your computer much easier as you can simply drag and drop the photos, videos, and music from your phone to your computer so long as it is connected. 
  • It is also possible with some devices to connect your phone to your computer through a Bluetooth connection, eliminating the need for a physical USB cable.  This will decrease the number of cables and numbers that you need to carry on your person in order to make a connection between your phone and computer.  Additionally, this will make connecting the two easier on the go, when you might not have a cable at your disposal but still need to get into your phone's files. 
  • Another benefit of this product is that you do not need to have a Motorola computer in order to use it.  As most computers today are either Windows or Apple, a software that could only pair Motorola phones to Motorola computers would be essentially useless. As this product is compatible with Windows, and it has iOS counterparts, it is reasonable to say that it could be used by just about any Motorola owner. 

In conclusion, this software is useful and potentially very valuable to people using Motorola phones who need consistent access to the information on their phones, a way to transfer files from phone to computer or a way to remotely update their phone.  The Bluetooth capability makes this an extra valuable piece of tech as it eliminates the need for cords and cables. 

There is no need for this product. Use the File Manager already on your computer. Plug in your phone through USB. Drag and drop files the same way you would if you were foolish enough to download this software because you somehow think it solves a problem for you.
Motorola Device Manager is a handy piece of software which is overlooked by many. The software has USB drivers which enables other devices to connect to my computer such as my iPhone or tablet. This makes me easily connect my devices to my computer with a USB cable with ease, whilst even allowing me to update software. Honestly, this software is excellent for anyone who needs devices constantly connected to their computer for work, school, etc.
Motorola device manager is a great software that contains all the driver to connect your Motorola phone with a windows device. Overall it is a great software the makes it very easy and convenient to connect a motorola phone with a windows Pc.
this is useful to use Motorola device to install and make to file transfer very easy to handle and also manage the file in our mobile phone so use it friend and make happy to transfer file all kind of Motorola device
Motorola: a company that defines American ingenuity 80 years ago their engineers created the mobile communications industry. Today, if you own, say, a Moto G smartphone, a tablet or a laptop that you want to connect to your Windows PC using a USB cable, you'll meed Motorola Device Manager for Windows, a free software app. For some Android-powered devices, Motorola Device Manager can update software, too. Easy install tutorial. Motorola: firmly rooted in possibilities and performance for your tech needs today.
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