Mouse Recorder Pro

Freeware mouse and keyboard recorder application

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This freeware software allows you to record computer mouse and keyboard inputs. The program will allow you to easily play the recorded steps made when working with or installing computer applications. It allows for easy editing and setting of the repeat time of each of your recordings. You can also play what you have been recording in a scheduled time you set. One really nice benefit is you can edit what you have been recording for future development. The last statement helps set this software above other similar applications available out there. There are many features and highlights associated with this software application. 


  • This is a very user-friendly tool.
  • The application size is very small so it can be installed while also being lightweight.
  • There are a variety of configuration options that allow for customization within the application.
  • You are able to make your script perform faster and easier utilizing some of the included functions in the application. 

This application is very handy and is a tool that most should have in their arsenal if needing an application to record computer mouse and keyboard inputs. This application is compatible with most Microsoft Windows operating systems which makes it very convenient. A few other features are you can set a script to be played in a specific time using the calendar. You are also able to edit your scripts by utilizing the script editor wizard within the application. You are able to record mouse and keyboard actions for infinite play in this application. This is a powerful automation tool that can playback tasks infinitely as mentioned above. It makes it easy to automate tedious tasks in various applications that you might be utilizing on a daily basis. I highly recommend this application as it can make life a lot easier on the user and help to streamline your daily processes. 

It allows you to easily play the recorded steps made working with or installing applications on your PC.

This application will work for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It should run fine with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP.

Mouse Recorder Pro is a Windows application that works with the functionality of recording both your keyboard and mouse with holistic detail. It enables the user to conduct operations and repeat them instantly. It creates an output which easily shows the steps conducted in the recording, and is preferred and recommended for anyone looking to record their mouse or keyboard for any reason.
Mouse Recorder Pro is an application for those that need a bit of automation in their day to day or at work, or when the need arises. This program allows for the automation and recording of your mouse and keyboard inputs, allowing you to do things you would normally do, like checking emails or browsing, and allows you to do that without having to touch anything. It’s quite lightweight and simple enough to get started with, coupled with a script editor to help refine the automation.
Mouse Recorder Pro come handy for me when i have to save a lot of my time for the same repetitive tasks which is always. it records my click routine and keyboard instructions and then does it on its own through the software. the best part is you can re-edit the recording or record it further according to your tasks. it has a lot of features and the one i like is you can schedule a routine and it runs itself on that time and day.
Mouse Recorder Pro for Windows is a user-friendly and small-sized software for recording mouse and keyboard inputs. This is a very handy software since it can also be used to play the recorded mouse and keyboard inputs for future works. This software also allows editing the recorded file for making the output more suitable. The software is free and runs with minimum system requirements.The software can be run in scripts to repeat certain tasks easily in scheduled manner. This software should be highly recommended.
Mouse Recorder Pro For Windows is very interesting and smooth to handle and use. When using and move it can be a breezy.
Mouse Recorder Pro for Windows is a great free mouse and keyboard that allows me to record my keyboard and mouse input. This is very beneficial to me because it allows to me to repeat any operation fast. I can also able to edit my recording inputs too. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends, colleagues and family. This is awesome software.
I love Mouse Recorder Pro because this application makes it really easy to record the actions that my mouse and keyboard are taking. If I'm using an app and want to play back the steps that I took while working in it earlier, Mouse Recorder Pro is my go-to in order to do just that. I'm even able to use the tool to make edits to my steps.
Sometimes I do the same task and type the same thing over and over again. I was thinking it would be nice if I could record my mouse input to be played back repetitively. Guess what? I found the software that does just that. It's mouse recorder pro for windows. I downloaded and installed it on my windows laptop and my life has gotten easier. I record my mouse and keyboard action once and the software does the rest. So nice.
Mouse Recorder Pro 2 for Windows is a free downloadable file that allows you to easily record your desired mouse and keyboard inputs. This is a wonderful efficiency tool as it allows you to record all of your inputs / steps and then play the recorded steps when downloading or working with different software or applications. This eliminates the need for more manual mouse and keyboard work in your chosen application, thus freeing up valuable time in your workday and creating increased efficiency.
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