by CFS-Technologies

Text-to-Speech software, to read aloud a given text file

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CFS-Technologies

Release: Speakonia 1.3.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Speakonia is a free, simple, lightweight solution for your basic text-to-speech needs.  It offers dozens of different reading voices (10 by default, with more available for download).  You input your text, Speakonia sends it to a speech engine, and next thing you know the computer is reading it out load back to you!  You just type something in, hit the blue triangle “Play” icon, and voila, your computer is talking to you through your speakers.

The installation process is less than 3MB, so the entire program can be installed, free, in about 5 seconds.  You can be up and running this yourself before you finish reading this review!  And it’s extremely easy to use.

You can also save the text you enter into the program or load text files you already have saved.  The program can also read out entire web pages in some cases if they are text-friendly.  The user can also adjust the speed and the pitch of the read-back using simple sliders on the right-hand side of the program – just make sure you click Apply first. 

Speakonia is simple, free, and gets the job done

  • Free
  • Nearly instant installation
  • Very intuitive User Interface – start typing, click play, and you’re off.
  • 10 different voices included by default with more available for download
  • Modulate voice Pitch, Speed, and Volume with simple sliders
  • Play, pause and stop audio playback
  • Can (sometimes) read entire web pages aloud, if they are formatted properly or just in text

Although Speakonia is no longer being maintained by its developers, it’s still an extremely simple and easy-to-use piece of software for reading text out loud.  It’s not the most advanced voice, and it may sound quite out of date if you’re used to Siri and Alexa, but if you just want something basic that can start reading text aloud then this piece of software is a very easy and fast way to get started. 

Myvizhiselvi SHANMUGAM
I gone through the link about speakonia,I feel it a unique and useful software for listening the same sentences in different voices of the same text to speech software.It will very much required to detective and police departments to find the conversation in may be different age groups voices and may be even differ genter voices for text to speech.
Speakonia is text-to-speech software for Windows. It allows any user whether beginner or advanced, to have a text-to-speech option on their Windows.
Josh Ibarra
Speakonia is a pretty useful piece of software for reading text out loud, along with this you get a large variety of voices to choose from, and you can control the reading speed as well! You can also save the voice recordings for later use if you wish.
Speakeronia is not just a fun name to say, text-to-speech software is a very unique piece of software and a mystery to me how it manages to read and speak words through software, a bonus is that this software is freeware. A good selection of voices is important so you are not stuck listening to the same voice in every conversion.
If you are more adept at learning through listening, or you need to have written info read to you for other purposes, such as a disability, this tool will work great for you. It is free, too. Text in a text editor can be read back, paused rewound, and even exported and saved to a .wav file. Also, works with HTML so you can get this tool to read webpages to you. Can also be integrated with an email to have your emails read to you. The voice is great and the speech is clear and is great for those who prefer to or need to listen instead of reading.
Really great and helpful piece of audio software. Basically, it takes barely any time to download and allows you to have text read out loud. I'd really highly recommended it to anyone who, like me, is just a little bit lazy when it comes to reading or who requires it for accessibility. I have it on all of my computers since it's just so useful.
I found this very user friendly and easy to install. It allows me to convert text to speech accurately and I can also adjust the speed. I definitely am glad I bought this.
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