by Thorvald Natvig

Mumble is a Windows program used for low latency voice chat, intended for gaming

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thorvald Natvig

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Mumble is an application for group voice communication using VoIP technology. This program was mainly designed for gamers, although you can also use Mumble for business communication. The program provides excellent sound quality because it not only uses audio compression, but also pre-processes it, removing noise and improving sound clarity. When exchanging data between Mumble and the server, strict security requirements are met - the main channel is encrypted with a 256-bit key and the voice channel with a 128-bit key. After installing the program, you can connect to a variety of servers available on the Internet, add friends to the contact list, set up sound and Mumble interface parameters. The application can be displayed in two modes - standard and minimalist. Gamers will appreciate the unique feature of Mumble that distinguishes it from other VoIP clients - in this program there is a function of sound positioning that allows players' voices to "move" in accordance with the position of the character in the game. For example, if a player is standing to your left, his voice from Mumble will also sound to your left. And if your friend in the virtual world is far away from you - and the volume of his voice will be muted - just like in the real world. Mumble supports some models of gamer keyboards, consumes almost no system resources and allows you to set up hotkeys.

- group voice communication;

- high quality sound;

- sound positioning;

- high level of security of data exchange with the server.

Mumble 1.2.3A (17.08 MB)
Mumble 1.2.11 (15.94 MB)
Mumble 1.2.13 (15.71 MB)
Mumble 1.2.16 (15.83 MB)
Mumble 1.2.18 (15.91 MB)
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