QIP 2012

by QIP.ru

Closed source computer program for windwos

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: QIP.ru

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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QIP 2012 is a new version of the instant messaging software, which is a continuation of the QIP Infium and QIP 2010 applications. In addition to communicating with friends on Facebook, Twitter or VKontakte, the current version also provides better support for social networks by allowing you to view photos and videos posted by friends on Facebook, Twitter or VKontakte. In addition, by adding your social networking accounts to QIP, you will be able to use them to sign in to QIP.

In this version, the developers focused on the ability to make free calls. The chat window is equipped with large "Video Call" and "Call" buttons so that you can call the person you are calling when you are tired of typing, for example.

In general, the chat window has undergone major changes. Tabs are no longer located in several rows at the top of the window, but to the right of the text fields in the column. The tabs of the ICQ contact list are placed in the same row as the list of contacts from social networks, which is more convenient for universal communication through one program. Now you don't need to close the tabs, as the old conversations are automatically moved down the list, and the most frequently used contacts can be fixed.

After the first launch, the QIP 2012 contacts window will display three big buttons for adding users' contacts from Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte social networks. If necessary, they can be easily removed. As for the tabs of the message window, their usual appearance can be set in the settings.

The authentication window has also changed, which I think is a lot easier compared to previous versions of QIP. Now it's not completely transparent, and it doesn't look that spectacular. Many conservative users will be confused by the absence of a standard ICQ sound notification of incoming messages, it is replaced by another one. Although, there is a function to replace it with any other by selecting the desired file.

QIP 2012 is still difficult to use because you need to have a @qip account. Without her, unfortunately, it's impossible to get into the program. If you want to use only ICQ without using additional services, you will get some inconvenience of new mail messages to your qip.ru mailbox. This program will be appreciated by those users who actively communicate with friends from VKontakte and other social networks.

- You can sign in using your social networking account or phone number;

- Full support for Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte social networks;

- free video and voice calls;

- Improved tabs of the dialogue system;

- built-in spell check;

- a pop-up message system;

- network protocol support: XMPP, OSCAR, MRA and SIP;

- Play videos from youtube, smotri.com, rutube and vimeo in the message window;

- notifications about new mails on Mail.ru, Google and Yandex mail services;

- a powerful anti-spam filter;

- text highlighting tools with bb-codes support;

- microblogging support for Juick.com.

qi p2012 is an instant messaging software you can use in social media including Facebook and Twitter when you add your Social Network accounts you will be able to use it to make free calls . it is based on icq technology . with qi p2012 you can use one program to communicate with your friends and family in all your social media accounts . you can sign into it using your social media account or phone number , you can use it to make free video and voice calls it has a built-in spell check ,it also plays videos and will let you know if you have new email it has a anti-spam filter and a text highlighting tool . I love this program this program is fantastic . try it you will agree .
This is an interesting product because it consolidates the various social media instant messages. You can access them from one QIP. Of course, then you have to have a new account for the QIP; but if you have messages coming from various social media, it would be nice to just go into 1 app for all of the instant messages. Pictures and videos are also available which is a must have. The video calls are nice to have. I also think it's cool that you can customize the notification sound.
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