My Stream Timer

by James Montemagno

Stream Timer is a simple, easy-to-use timer application designed to help streamers control and manage their stream times.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: James Montemagno

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Stream Timer is a powerful and intuitive software designed to help streamers manage their session lengths and be more productive. It is perfect for streamers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Stream Timer is designed to help streamers plan out their streaming sessions and keep track of their progress. With Stream Timer, you can easily customize your session lengths and stay on track throughout your streaming sessions. Stream Timer also includes helpful features such as a timer, stopwatch, alarm, and more.

My Stream Timer allows users to easily and accurately time their livestreams.

• Timer: Set your session length with the timer so you can stay on track throughout your streaming session.

• Stopwatch: Keep track of your progress with the stopwatch.

• Alarm: Set an alarm for the end of your session so you don't forget to stop streaming.

• Logs: Log your streaming sessions to keep track of how long you have been streaming.

• Customizable Settings: Customize your session lengths and other settings to suit your streaming needs.

• Graphs and Statistics: Visualize your streaming progress with graphs and stats.

• Multiple Streamers: Supports multiple streamers and rooms so you can keep track of everyone's progress.

• Integration with Other Services: Stream Timer integrates with other streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube.

• Stream Timer App: Access Stream Timer on the go with the Stream Timer app.

• Cloud Sync: Synchronize your Stream Timer account across multiple devices for easy access.

• Support: Stream Timer provides helpful support for streamers of all levels.

• Free Updates: Stream Timer provides free updates and new features to ensure you are always up to date.

Stream Timer is the perfect tool for streamers of all skill levels. With its customizable settings, intuitive interface and helpful features, Stream Timer makes it easy to stay on track and be productive. Stream Timer is the perfect tool for streamers looking to take their streaming sessions to the next level.
1. Operating system: Windows 10
2. CPU: Intel Core i5 or higher
3. RAM: 8 GB or higher
4. Hard disk drive: Minimum of 500GB
5. Graphics card: Dedicated graphics card with 1GB of dedicated RAM or higher
6. Network: Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection
7. Software: Stream Timer software
8. Audio: Dedicated sound card or integrated audio output
9. Monitor: At least one monitor with a minimum resolution of 1280x720
10. Peripherals: Keyboard, mouse, and microphone
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Rory Pasnik

My Stream Timer software is an intuitive and easy-to-use program. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. The timer can be set to count up or down, and the customizability is great. I like that I can set multiple alarms for different events. The sound effects are great and the visuals are helpful in keeping track of time. The ability to easily save and load monitors is also a great feature. I haven't encountered any bugs or glitches while using the program, and I have been very pleased with its performance. The help section is also very comprehensive and helpful.
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