by TRUE Software

Turn your laptop into a wifi access point

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TRUE Software

Release: MyPublicWiFi 5.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MyPublicWiFi is free software that allows you to turn your laptop into a safe and secure wireless access point.


  • Restrict user access and prevent the use of certain services.
  • Track and record all sessions on your virtual hotspot
  • Displays IP address, MAC address, and device name of all connected devices.

MyPublicWiFi is a program that turns your PC into a wireless access point. This is particularly useful for situations where you want to set up a temporary access point, such as in a hotel room, meeting, or at home. Mypublicwifi lets anyone surf the internet through your access point. 

MyPublicWiFi offers a firewall that allows you to restrict certain users from having access to the program. You can also set parameters to prevent users from having access to certain services. More importantly, you can track all the visited URL pages on your hotspot.

You can track all the sites you visit on your virtual hotspot.

MyPublicWiFi gives you the option to share your internet connection, whether it is from an Ethernet, WiFi, DSL, HSDPA, or 4G connection. You also can use MyPublicWiFi as a repeater. 

MyPublicWiFi uses WPA2 encryption. You have the option to give your wireless network any name as long as it is at least eight characters long. Apart from that, you can name your wireless network anything you want. 

Setup is straightforward and very simple. You install the program and run the WiFi creator. You create your hotspot using any name you choose. Windows Firewall has to be disabled completely. The network is configured automatically, and the PC or device must be restarted. A login page is presented where friends, family, or guests can connect the virtual network you have created. The WiFi creator also gives you several options to manage the network, and you can stop running your virtual hotspot at any time.

My public WiFi is currently offered as a freeware installation.

Offered as freeware for Windows 7, 8, 10, 32/64 Bit, and Server 2008.

MyPublicWiFi 5.1 (1.11 MB)
MyPublicWiFi 22.1 (4.15 MB)
Karen Turk
Freeware usually scares me. I tend to not download anything that says freeware. Usually I have found there are other things attached and sometimes there is a bug that causes problems for me and my computer. Anything free seems suspicious and I do not want to try and clean my computer up afterward.
public wifi is very useful for people and we can use in hotels, home and malls.anyone can use this public wifi.we can set the passford for the public user and we can share the internet through this. it is easy to access the internet.through this many people become happy and using this and we can manage the internet easily
If you have roommates or children, it can be a hassle to monitor the internet, but thanks to MyPublicWiFi, you can now choose which WiFi connections you want to share and see who is using it. Having the ability to check logs for the connections made to your WiFi is also a really nice feature of MyPublicWiFi. Something else worth mentioning about MyPublicWiFi is that you can also repeat WiFi connections, so it's an ideal WiFi monitoring or sharing app.
My PublicWifi is unlike most other products that I have seen before. In essence, it provides the opportunity to turn your device (whether it is a laptop, tablet, or PC) into a virtual hotspot. It is amazing in its ability to do this and it can be used in a hotel, coffee, shop, etc. It has a variety of different uses and seems awesome for anyone needing to benefit from it.
Murray Prather
the software claims it is an easy-to-use software that turns your laptop/tablet/PC into a Wi-Fi wireless access point or individual Hotspot. Anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing.
The software works really well and is easy to set up and use. I think it is a good idea and that it is a utility that will have good use to it.
MyPublicWifi is great piece of software for anyone seeking to produce a WIFI hotspot from their laptop or tablet. I have been using this software for many years to share WIFI with my friends and family. The software is completely seamless and produces a near perfect WIFI connection indistinguishable from the regular connection. For anyone who's hardware lacks onboard hotspot capabilities, this is a must have piece of software.
MyPublicWiFi for windows is the best application software. It is very easy to use the software. It is very useful for connecting a Wi-Fi connection for your laptop, PC, and also for your mobile phones. By using the Wi-Fi connection you can easily share your files, documents, images, etc.,. It is also used to block the other network from using the p2p. It is a freeware and user-friendly software.
my public wifi for windows is a very easy to use software that turns the computer or pc and tab to wireless wifi access points and multifunctional hotspots. this also turns over pc for safe and secure wifi. this tracks and records the access of our hotspot. my public wifi displays the ip address and mac address. this is particularly useful for temporary setup such as in hotels, rooms, meetings or at home .mypublicwifi allows to surf using the access points.
MyPublicWifi for Windows is an amazing software. I'm on the go a lot because of my job, so having the ability to turn my computer into a WiFi access point has been incredibly valuable. This software is easy to use, versatile, and customizable. For instance, once I set up my access point, I'm able to share it with others in the same meeting, and I can pick and choose what they'll have access to. I love that I'm able to block social media usage and also use the AdBlock feature to protect users' privacy. I love this software!!
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