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Software designed to create a distraction-free environment to maximize writers potentials

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Ommwriter creates the perfect environment for professional writers and also other professionals that desire to write any type of material to concentrate and allow their ideas to flow naturally and become words. Ommwriter avoids and blocks different kinds of distractions, creating the perfect environment for anyone to focus and facilitate the creativeness process. From details like allowing you to select the best soundtrack to trigger your creativeness to offering a really natural and enjoyable background allowing you to keep concentrated and motivated even on large periods of work, everything on Ommwritter was designed and created to leverage your inspiration.


  • Using as default a full-screen mode Ommwriter keeps away the day by day distractions that can steal from your the Gold Idea
  • Avoiding a lot of useless or rarely used features and concentrating on what is essential, Ommwriter gives the whole priority to what matters that are transforming ideas into words.
  • A friendly user environment guarantees that you will have pleasure in working with Ommwriter even for long periods and will keep the inspirations and creativeness on a high level
  • Last but not least, the keyword is an inspiration. You can choose from different environment options the ones that best fit your creativeness. 

For sure, there are multiple tools on the market that allow writers and other professionals to create texts. Ommwriter is the tool designed to keep away the main barrier for creativeness nowadays, meaning distraction. Currently, we have multiple tools to communicate, and at the same time, we have warnings for a huge amount of sources hitting us in different ways. In order to keep distractions away and leverage all your potential, it is necessary a tool like Ommwriter that offers you the perfect environment for being inspired. 

With Ommwriter you can have an environment that connects your ideas directly to your words
If you're a writer facing writer's block, you need Ommwriter. This is a tool that makes sure you're writing and thinking creatively in the most focused state that you can be. It's a writing tool that makes sure you're free of distractions since it functions in full-screen mode. It offers a unique minimalist design so that you're only using and looking at functionalities that are necessary for your writing process. You can choose from different kinds of environments, music, and fonts to stir up more creative juices.
Ommwriter is a software that provides a calm and serene environment for users to think and write. The content could be anything from writing an essay, a chapter in a book, writing a speech, or a song - anything creative that requires some peace and quiet. It is used by over a million users and can be accessed by downloading the software and then installing it in your computer. It works on all screen mode so distractions are kept to a minimum and allows you to overcome writer’s block very effectively. The product is highly recommended if you write significant amount of content. Try it - you will not be disappointed!
Ommwriter for Windows is a program that helps me focus whenever I have real work that I need to put all of my energy into. It cuts out all distractions and makes sure that I'm focused only on the document at hand which I'm supposed to be writing. I also like that it takes up my full screen, again in the name of minimizing distractions.
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