Open Freely

A free online multi-format file viewer for any skill level

Operating system: Windows

Release: Open Freely 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Open Freely for Windows is a great online tool for anyone looking to open a wide variety of files, including video, images, documents, and files.  It supports OVER 100 different file types so that anyone from a novice user to someone more advanced will be pleased with the service and find that the options are more than adequate.  The interface is set up for ease of use and has a clean, simple look, not overcrowded with options or information that might be confusing. 

That is is free shouldn't worry you, they have set up the webpage keeping in mind only the highest of standards knowing that their name and brand is on the line if product use isn't worthy of praise.  The ability to open documents in a hex editor should show advanced users and editors that Open Freely means business and is interested in not only helping the beginner user but those who might be using this for serious professional use as well. 

Open Freely is excellent for children who are working on coding projects for school due to the fact that again, it's free, and can open coding documents for them to edit or create, and let their imagination run wild in this digital age.  The ability to open Word documents is novel because it's not readily available on many sites and proves to be extremely useful for college students, high schoolers, people working from home, or even in the office. 

TONS of supported formats

  • Pleasant easy to use the format
  • Supports a wide variety of formats
  • Ability to open in Hex editor
  • Ability to open and edit Word documents

From beginners to advanced users, it's an all in one product set to high standards that won't disappoint. And again, it's free! 

  • For Windows only
  • Open Freely's use isn't limited to any age group or demographic. It's free for all. 
Sam D
Freely is a great windows app that lets you open 100's of different types of files! pdf, JPEG all of them! Its super easy to use and its also good great for kids learning coding.
Andrew Guillory
This software is a file opener similar to zip opener that allows you to open files that your computer otherwise can't because of the file format. It supports all file types.
This software is amazing! At first, I didn't pay much attention to it and was a little bit skeptical but as soon as I've done my research - I instantly changed my mind. Not only it can open hundreds of different file formats, but it can also be used as a music player, photo editor and SO MUCH MORE. I am beyond impressed. Definitely recommend it.
This is good if you want a catch-all program that opens any kind of file type without making you think about it. The hex editor is useful if you know what you're doing. I like it, use it every day. Also displays useful information about my files. This is a great app.
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