A high-quality Hex editing software that allows you to view and modify any file in hexadecimal format.

Operating system: Windows

Release : XVI32 2.51

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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XVI32 is one of the best Hex editors on the market. Usually, hex editors can be complicated to get the hang of and have a steep learning curve. XVI32 is not as complicated as other editors since menus assist the process. While it does take a little getting used to, you will figure out things in minutes rather than hours. Unlike most editors, XVI32can handle huge files and has automated features, which saves a lot of time.


  • Can work with files up to 2GB
  • No Installation Required
  • Easy Overwriting
  • Free to use

XVI32 is, without a doubt, the best free hex editor available on the internet today. The program is so popular that it's been featured in popular books like "The Hackers Guide". In addition to that, Microsoft employees actually admit they use XVI32 regularly. The program is nearly flawless, allowing the user to do just about anything they really need to do with no issues. XVI32 really shines with its automatic features, which would enable fewer errors and can save work as you finish. In addition to that, the program supports up to 2gigabytes worth of files. To give you a quick comparison, most editors will crash trying to load up something as small as 60 megabytes.

XVI32 has a built-in text to hex converter that can save you hours of work.

Add the fact that XVI32 is entirely free to use, and there is no real reason to look elsewhere regarding hex editors. Even the most popular paid options can't do what XVI32 can. This is an editor for those that like their computers and games to perform a certain way. Casual computer users will find no real use out of XVI32, let alone hex editors. At the end of the day, XVI32 is going to be a hex editor that is going to withstand the test of time and will forever be a resource for anyone needing a hex editor.

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Sheila Holt

If you are looking for an easy to use, yet free hex editor program that is very easy to learn how to use; you have found it right here with xv132 hex writer. Not only can it handle your large files up to 2 gb, but it’s free and downloads in just a few minutes, compared to other programs that can take hours. This program is so highly favored, that it’s been featured and reviewed in some of the top computer magazines like “The Hackers Guide” and others. It is almost flawless. You do need to have this, as it can overwrite other unwanted items in seconds and keep going.
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This is an extremely useful free app for users like me who need to open text files frequently for my employment. It is so simple to use, and helps me immensely in working with Hex characters and replacing text. It works even with large file sizes.
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Sam Dudek

XVI32 for Windows is a hex editor, which is a program that can edit hexadecimal code. This is very important for certain developers, meaning it could prove an indispensable tool for them. However, it is not useful to the average user.
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Hex editors are pretty spooky, to begin with when you have a lack of experience using them but XVI32 makes it a lot easier for beginners like myself. The software has no set up required and you can literally run it off a USB stick if you wanted to. The software easily converts text into hex strings and even has a quick search algorithm for both directions up and down. Most importantly, it's free and does the job equal to if not better than other programs, even the people at Microsoft use it.
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This little zip file packs a punch. XV132 for Windows is the hex editor I've been looking for. Where have you been? I found a page with a free download and installed it quickly to test it out. Wow, it's the best editor for editing hexadecimals. The interface is easy to understand. I use it to debug my files and it's saved me so much time. I will be using this for a long time. By far, it's the most flexible and versatile hex editor I've tried out.
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XVI32 for Windows is a freeware hex editor. Its primary utility is to debug and edit files. An advantage of XVI32 is its portability. Most hex editor programs require large installers while XVI32 does not even require installation. It comes as a ZIP file that uses little storage space, and a user can run the program from the file and place it on a flash drive and take it with them. It has a simple interface. While powerful and useful, it does require a learning curve that beginners find challenging. Other problems include difficulty in scanning large files and an inability to block selections with a mouse.
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XVI32 for windows is safe and free to download. It is safe and virus free software program. The role of this windows program is to edit files and debug . It is also known as hex editor software. In this software program we can delete, copy, overwrite, move the to other folder .It is supported in only windows program. The main advantage of this software program is portable.
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Jack T.

XVI32 is a freeware hex editor for Windows. It is a powerful tool for editing binary files, and is especially useful for editing disk images, program code, and data files. XVI32 features a simple user interface, fast performance, and many features for analyzing and modifying binary files.
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Kai W.

I recently used XVI32 software for modifying binary files and I am quite pleased with the results. It is easy to use and has intuitive interface. It allows fast and accurate editing of hexadecimal values. It also has very powerful search and replace capabilities. It also has a nice graphical representation of the data. The software is free to use and provides a great value for money. It is also quite lightweight, which makes it very convenient to use. Overall, it's a great tool for working with binary files.
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Arran Walmer

I have used XVI32 software to open, edit and save binary files. The GUI is intuitive and user-friendly. It provides a wide range of powerful features, such as search and replace, along with a hexadecimal calculator. The software has proven to be reliable and robust, making my edits without any issues. It is also lightweight and doesn't require installation.
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Ruaridh Y.

XVI32 is a great tool for advanced editing of binary data, however it can be a bit tricky to use at times.
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Scott Kilpatric

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Lucas Petrosky

XVI32 is a powerful hex editor with a user-friendly interface, making it a reliable tool for editing and analyzing binary files.
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Jayden Tepperman

XVI32 is a powerful and versatile hex editor for Windows that allows users to view and edit binary files with ease.
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