OpenBase SQL

OpenBase SQL is a relational database server software developed for open source platform

Operating system: Windows

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SQL is abbreviated as structured query language. OpenBase SQL is a server-based application. It provides access to structured query data. It was developed by DBsolo. OpenBase SQl mechanism works like a client application that is able to communicate requests to the server, and that server manages all the data that are requested by the client application. All client-server databases will adopt SQL standards.

SQL standards lower the network communication requirement between databases and applications. The design process is very powerful. It offers a multi-threaded design process. The requests can be processed simultaneously There is no deadlock occurring between the process. It has a vast number of essential tools that other packages do not have. The tools are like server-based support for java stored procedures which is not available in other packages, synchronization, clustering, and also supports programming languages like PHP, Peral, and cocoa. It provides high access to structured data and process queries.

It supports web objects 5 and ODBC for Mac OS. The popular standards are JDBC 2.0 level 4 driver, ODBC support, PHP compatibility, Real basic plugin, and the cocoa Open Base API Framework. OpenBase SQL is very helpful to run a small business that needs database and SQL administration. It has an improved interface and integrates support for e-mail and automated credit card payment with address verification. The process performed in this server application is quick and learning process is so easy. The client makes the requests through SQL query statements and the server processes the requests and the results will be displayed. It offers different products for different tiers.

It provides high access to structured data.

  • It supports document word indexing
  • And has real-time database load monitoring.
  • Improvement in query optimization and dynamic toolbar.
  • Databases will not have waiting time.
  • The process requests are very quick.

It requires windows platforms and the system should be installed with .net framework.

The versions can be updated automatically.

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