A steganography tool that conceals a file, message, or photo within another file

Operating system: Windows

Release: OpenPuff 4.0

Last revision: Last week

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OpenPuff is a steganography applcation that conceals a file, message, or photo within another file, message, or photo. There are four layers of security. First, it uses 256-bit open-source cryptography algorithms as a first step. There are sixteen of them: AES, Anubis, Camellia, Cast-256, Clefia, FROG, Heirocrypt3, Idea-NXT, MARS, RC6, Safer+, SC2000, Serpent, Speed, Two-Fish, and Unicorn-A. Next, it takes the encrypted data and scrambled it to randomize any remaining patterns. This is done using a cryptographically secure pseudo random number generator (CSPRNG). A random passoword is mixed in with the data and is then shuffled with random indexes. After that, the scrambled data is then whiteneing using CSPRNG. In the final step, the whitened data is then encoded using a non-linear function.


  • OpenPuff maintains its security by being free of Spyware and Adware
  • There is support for a variety of formats of image files, audio files, video files, andFlash-Adobe support
  • Data can be split among a set of carrier files
  • Carrier chains allow for up to 256Mb of data to be hidden
  • There are different layers of obfuscation used for maximum privacy and security: cryptography, whitening, scrambling, and encoding. The last carrier is filled with random bits in order to make it blend in with the other carriers, allowing for indistinguishability.
  • Three passwords are used (two in the cryptography stage and one in the scrambling stage)
  • Encoding is accomplished using adaptive non-linear carrier bit
  • Resistant to steganalysis
  • Steganography denial using the Chi-square method and DIEHARD method, as well as the ability to pass other statistical resistance tests (taken from 64KB to 256MB samples)

OpenPuff allows for the encryption of messages and also allows for them to be hidden. This is accomplished using a multi-layered approach for maximum security and minimal detection, and also allows both steganalysis and statistical resistance.

There are multiple layers of security including cryptography, scrambling, whitening, and encoding

OpenPuff 3.3.0 (0.4 MB)
Rory (unverified)
OpenPuff is an awesome open-source stenography application that provides users with secure management of hidden data. This application uses state of the art technology to encrypt sensitive data and store in a vast array of media. OpenPuff is created with the most efficient methods of graphic organization. This application not only provides secure management but allows the users to experience a more advanced method of storage.
Jamie (unverified)
This is an application that offers levels of security by concealing various types if information.This is possible by encrypting and putting information into random patterns.This method keeps information free from being detected by spyware.It also maintains the ability to keep information hidden.
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