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Allows for the creation and editing of PDF files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Red Software

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A PDF is a versatile and powerful file type that allows users to present images and text in a format-fixed layout that will look consistent across a variety of devices. The downside to PDFs is generally that they are hard to edit after the fact and require special programs. Thankfully users who work extensively with PDFs and need a versatile solution for editing no longer have to look more because PDFescape for Windows is the perfect program for all PDF needs.

PDFescape allows users to view and edit PDFs from a variety of different variables and methods. Users are able to take existing PDFs and edit both images and text, changing aspects such as the font used, font size, color appearances, and adding additional markings and notations such as highlights of text, annotations, and bookmarks, notes, etc. PDFescape also has the unique ability to fill out PDF forms for you quickly. Instead of downloading PDFs from websites online for things such as doctor visits, users can now fill out the PDF forms directly on their computers and print out the finished copy with everything filled in, which is a great way to save time and be more efficient. 

PDFescape isn't only for editing existing PDFs, however. This program also supports the creation of new PDFs by the user, boasting an impressive number of input methods to get the job done. Users can create blank PDFs from scratch, create PDFs from existing images, scanned images, or any other supported printable files. This program also supports the ability to easily and quickly convert across different file formats such as HTML to PDF and vice versa. For advanced users who are concerned about protecting their data, this program allows you to easily set passwords for protection that are 256 bit encrypted, which is the same strength that banks users for their security passwords too. All in all, if you do work with PDFs regularly and require advanced functionality to make your life easier, look no further than PDFescape for Windows. 

Full-feature set allows powerful editing of text and images in existing PDF files as well as the creation of new PDF files from a variety of input sources

  • Enables the user to change existing text and images within a PDF file as well as do things like edit font sizes, highlight and underline text, add annotations and notes and much more
  • Allows full manipulation of PDF files via cropping, deleting and extracting pages, rotating, bookmark adding, custom letterheads, etc.
  • Features multiple methods of PDF creation: creating from images, from scanned PDFs, and other printable files; also includes the ability to convert between multiple file types 
  • Built-in sign tool allows users to sign and authenticate their documents and PDFs with just a single click of the mouse for assured authenticity
  • Provides multiple high-quality tools for securing and protecting your PDF documents such as 256-bit grade encryption for password-protected PDFs

Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Most useful and versatile file format. You can use it as a basic PDF viewer or to or multi purpose tool for file formatting with free of cost that is the highlight.
When I need to merge pdfs, I use pdfescape for windows to get the job done. It's so easy to use. It is free. I can edit, convert and create pdfs with it. The paid version includes more advanced functionalities. I love editing the pdfs to make them more exciting. I can change fonts, colors, highlight and add sticky notes. That's so fun.
PDFescape for Windows allows users to edit PDFs for free, marking it out against other competitor software in the same market. It can create PDFs from hundreds of file types, increasing utility and making it very useful in a number of tasks. However, the software does contain adverts, which might be annoying when trying to utilise. A premium, ad-free version is available, though is only available on subscription as opposed to an outright payment/buy. Its price point is also somewhat expensive compared to other software which can be purchased outright.
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