by HTTrack

A user-friendly offline browser utility

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HTTrack

Release: WinHTTrack 3.49.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinHTTrack for Windows is a user-friendly website copier for offline browsing


  • Compatible with all Windows Versions
  • Lets users download a website from the internet to a local directory
  • User-friendly
  • arranges relative link-structure of the original website
  • transfers HTML, images and other files to the computer from the server
  • Updates existing mirrored sites
  • resumes downloads that have been interrupted
  • fully configurable
  • integrated Help system

WinHTTrack (for Windows) is a fully configurable, easy to use website copier. The website copier allows users to download a complete world wide website from the internet to a local directory for offline browsing. The WinHTTrack website copier transfers HTML, images, and other files from the server to the computer, where users can easily view and browse offline. The website copier also updates existing mirrored sites and arranges the relative link-structure of the original website. The copier will also resume any downloads that may have been interrupted in order to make the content available for offline browsing. The HTTrack for Windows is fully configurable and can be designed arranged and set up for specific applications, increasing functionality. Existing mirrored sites or copies of websites places under different URLs to reduce network traffic are updated, which improves access speed and website availability. The WinHTTrack for Windows is supported by an integrated Help system to aid users with support and information as well as insight into the WinHTTrack features and functions. The system is tested virus-free and safe and easy to use. The WinHTTrack website copier can cache to a zip file, which allows users to read the data inside the zip and place the files into an offline cache. The WinHTTrack Website Copier is compatible with all Windows versions and is  easy to use and is  excellent for offline browsing of entire websites, HTML, images, and other files

WinHTTrack (for Windows) works with all Windows versions
Eden Amerson
I can see this software being quite useful, particularly for individuals travelling in situations where access to WiFi and mobile data may be unpredictable, poor, slow, spotty, or non-existent. It would be beneficial to those travelling for business especially, and still more for those travelling abroad, who may or may not have the ability to make use of mobile data on their smartphones or other devices. Obviously, individuals travelling for reasons other than business would also benefit from the software, notably as they continue to plan their itineraries, and will likely need to consult them. This also gives more people the option of working, or simply accessing information, from more remote locations generally. It might be useful to provide information on the guidelines for how much data, in terms of memory, can be stored using the software, how the software would deal with the limitations of a device concerning the amount of data downloaded and stored (i.e. how to prioritize what parts of a website or websites could be stored in the event that not all of the information the user wanted to download could be stored on his or her device). Also, it might be helpful to provide guidelines for how long downloading material might take, based on the amount of data being downloaded. I also noted a few grammar issues in the product description, mainly capitalization irregularities and missing punctuation ( particularly missing commas in list-like descriptions). Of course, I would also expect that, at some point, there will be demand for a version of the software compatible with Apple operating systems.
HTT Track is a great free source that allows for using an offline utility. By downloading a World Wide Web site from the internet, one is able to save every type of file, including images, to their computer. The process seems very easy and allows for one to browse a link as if they are online. For many people, this seems as though it can be a very useful source.
John Distefano
WinHTTrack is a great program for downloading websites. It has a ton of options you can use to run it, like proxy support, custom file exclusion (and inclusion), and limiting for large websites. It even has an integrated help system. Worked great for me!
This application is focused on ease of use offline browser activity. You can use this on windows and mac. This is allows you to copy and keep content from different types of websites. This is included on all windows platforms and even the ones that are a little bit older. This is a great application and software to use if the person needs it
This a nifty little program if you like enjoying your websites offline, in times when you may not have internet. Sometimes people like to copy and paste a website into notepad and save the file as HTML, thinking that they get the full experience of an offline website, which they do not. This program does the correct job of doing just that. You get full files, images, links, everything looks the same. I would highly recommend this program, it's very intuitive.
Nice if you want to download your stuff off of your favorite website straight to your computer or hard drive. Simple to use and pretty straight forward. The browser works offline so that's convenient for security use as well if you're worried. Runs on pretty much any up to date Windows system and will download and extract the ZIP folders too.
First of all, it's free. Nobody can argue with free. Second, it's an offline browser. So if I go camping and want to download certain websites to browse offline, I can do that now. Really I just think that this is the coolest thing since BitTorrent.
WinHTTrack, is an application made only for Windows devices, that allows you to automatically download an exact clone of any website or url and have it stored on your local hard disk drive. This the most advanced easy to use application of it's kind, I recommend it highly as it has helped many business starts and thrive over the years. Did I mention this app is free? Yes, it is completely free to install on your Windows device.
WinHTTrack for Windows is a simple browsing utility that allows you to download a website from the Internet to an offsite local directory! All directories are built recursively, with HTML, images and other files being transferred from the website's server to your computer. HTTrack preserves the original webpage's link structure as much as possible. If you open the downloaded ("mirrored") website from HTTrack in your Web browser, you can browse the site just like you were online, with all the original links kept intact. It is fully configurable, has an extensive help system, can resume interrupted downloads and can even update an existing "mirrored" website!
WinHTTtrack for Windows allows you to download an entire website from the internet to your local computer. This allows you to explore and use the website while completely offline. This can be useful when traveling, when you need to do research offline, and in many other circumstances. It is easy to install, simple to use, and fully configurable. After choosing a site to mirror, you simply wait for the program to download all of the information to a local directory. Once it is downloaded, the offline website is ready to use!
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