Perfecto Encryptor

by Black Bird Cleaner Software

Used to make files encrypted to keep them safe

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Black Bird Cleaner Software

Release: Perfecto Encryptor

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Perfecto Encryptor is used to keep safe from potential malicious threats trying to get into your files and folders, through encryption. The program scrambles the contents so that only those with the password for the files may access them, and the password can be up to 8 characters. Further, the password manager ensures that a person will be able to remember which password is for which file and will not become locked out. Furthermore, in case one does not want to use the password manager, the password can also be emailed, therefore having a backup in case one forgets it. The program is known to be easy to use and requires no previous knowledge of encryption in order to use it. 

Through allowing for 4 different encryption algorithms: AES, Triple DES, DES and RC2, Perfecto Encryptor ensures that the correct algorithm for each file and the needs of the customer can be met, as there is also a guide for which one to choose. Further, another feature is that you may delete the original file/folder after encryption. This makes sure that any remaining risk will be mitigated. 

Overall quite a simple and easy to use software with generally positive reviews but a complaint is that the trial version does not allow for encryption. The software, through allowing a limited number of encryptions, says 1-3, would be able to give customers a better idea of the main benefit for which they are purchasing it. 


  • Files/folder encryption
  • 4 encryption algorithms
  • Password manager
  • Privacy encryption
  • Compression encrypted files.
I love using Perfecto Encryptor for Windows because it's a secure and intuitive way to ensure that my data is safely encrypted. Not only does the program give me four different types of algorithms that I can choose from to encrypt my files, but it also offers me access to a password manager. Encryption and decryption are both a cinch since files can be processed with just a click of your mouse.
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