CrococryptMirror Portable

by Hissen IT

Software that encrypts folders using AES and TwoFish algorithms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hissen IT

Release: CrococryptMirror Portable 1.41

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CrococryptMirror is encryption software that allows users to encrypt existing folders or directories. These encrypted folders are safe from third parties trying to access the data inside. Instead of using a password to protect the folders, all encrypted folders will generate a key file that the user will have to keep safe. This file is vital for decrypting any encrypted data. Crococrypt can also detect changes to modified files and will re-encrypt them automatically while also allowing this process to be done manually by the user. These modes are called Automatic sync and On-Demand sync inside CrococryptMirror. Encrypting and decrypting uses the ZIP file compression so that the result will utilize less space and be more portable. The developer has their official blog and roadmap on their website, detailing future updates and features being worked on in the pipeline.

The first release of CrococryptMirror was in February 2015, and its latest version (1.42) was released in February 2020. CrococryptMirror is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 10.

It also contains the portable version that does not require Admin access or program installation to the machine it is being run on.

A basic version is a great tool recommended for users who value their privacy and the integrity of their data. Other encryption software available can be complicated to use with way too many options that the user will not utilize. CrococryptMirror is very straightforward to use with minimal options to confuse the user while achieving the result of encrypted folders.

An example use case for CrococryptMirror is for backing up folders to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, etc.). Users can encrypt the folder containing their files using Crococrypt and then upload the encrypted container to the cloud. When the user wants to get access, they can retrieve the container from the cloud and then decrypt with Crococypt and the key file. This same process can be done for storing folders on a USB drive or portable hard drive. Should a third party gain access to the container, it will be near impossible to decrypt the container rendering the contents inaccessible to them. This is because the resources required to decrypt the container by brute force will exceed the resources required for the operation to be done.

Allows users to encrypt one or many folders so that they are protected unless decrypted with the keyfile.

  • 64-bit and 32-bit versions
  • AES and TwoFish Encryption Algorithms
  • KeyFile utilizes PBKDF2, SHA512, and Whirlpool password techniques.
  • Automatic and On-Demand Synchronization
  • Source folders and directories can be from multiple sources.
  • Encrypted folders can be viewed in Windows Explorer
  • Full installation requires 115Mb of disk space
  • Requires Windows OS
Crococrypt is an encryption tool that can take existing directories and encrypt the contents so that they cannot be read. It also has some RAIDlike folder mirroring features as well which are interesting. This can be performed either using the Twofish encryption method or the AES-256 encryption which is built into many modern computers
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