PHP Expert Editor

by Ankord

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ankord

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42667

PHP Expert Editor is an easy to use PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Windows.PHP Expert Editor - a handy editor for PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, Java Script and other UTF-8 supported files. The program is designed specifically for PHP wizards and has a built-in PHP debugger. PHP Expert Editor has a built-in HTTP server and allows you to run PHP, Perl, Python, scripts. You can also use any external HTTP server. PHP syntax check, built-in browser, SFTP-enabled FTP client, code and file explorer, project support, customizable code templates, customizable code highlighting, and many other features make the developer's work much easier.

Support UTF-8Configurable code highlightingIntegrated browserIntegrated FTP client with support for SFTPCode ExplorerFile Explorer with Favorites.Project ExplorerLibrary ExPlayerProgramConfigurable hotkeys and keys in the editor.Keyboard MacroSyRNR macrosAuto savingCheck the syntax of RNR Script Launching and viewing the result in the built-in or external browserFor launching and debugging PHP scripts you can use the built-in or any external HTTP-serverSupport of all known Content-Type. You can debug scripts that generate different content, for example, PictureFast insertion of all PHP functions with parameter hintsFast navigation in code with hotkeys and a mouseConfigured Code Templates for quick insertion of frequently used fragmentsExport of source text to HTML and RTF with syntax highlightingBooksTwo styles of interface - Classic and Office PHP Help Desk support with the ability to search by keyword in the current position Keymaping (Default), Classic, Brief, Epsilon, Visual Studio)Support for Windows, Unix, MacSupport for Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl. It is possible to use several interpreters, not just PHP.

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