by VOWSoft Ltd

Picture Downloader program for Windows-based computers that allows you to manage images

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VOWSoft Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PicaLoader is a dedicated download manager designed to quickly find and automatically download images from websites or individual web pages. The manager supports downloading of photos and pictures from many famous photohostings, and also helps to download images from various sites where the possibility of direct download is in some way limited or completely absent. The application is very good at working with web links encrypted with JavaScript, VBScript and JScript, correctly recognizes numbered image galleries and can filter out duplicates of graphic files on the fly. In addition, the program features a large set of different settings and auxiliary tools.

Fine-tuning of filters is supported to avoid automatic downloading of unnecessary files. For example, you can configure filters to download only images of a certain format or images that have a certain set of characters in the file name. It is possible to configure, download graphic files with a specific size, a certain date of creation, the desired resolution and many other parameters. The program also provides the ability to create your own profiles for downloading, so that the user does not have to reconfigure the program each time for the same tasks.

In summary, PicaLoader provides users with a powerful image upload module that supports multithreaded downloads, proxy servers that allow them to pause/restart downloads at any time and download files in the event of an internet connection failure. In addition, the program has a multifunctional scheduler that allows you to download graphics files from certain Internet resources on a given schedule. Also, it is worth noting the built-in image viewer, which has several viewing modes, a well-implemented function of searching and sorting photos, as well as allowing you to install uploaded images of wallpaper for the desktop.

Yeah, I do a boatload of image downloading. I used to do it all manually but got to thinking that there must be a better way. Then I stumbled across PicaLoader and it changed everything. It frees up so much time for me to use the pics instead of trying to get them.
PicaLoader is a free photo download manager and editing tool that is easy to use. Download images from the web quickly and efficiently. PicaLoader allows you to edit, resize, fine-tune, and save your images for ease of use and ease of sharing.
This is a cool software to use and have on your computer. It allow your computer to manage your download. The software support images from other sites. This software is a cool software to have on your computer. Which it also helps with the images on your computer.
The picaloader is by far one of my favorite tools for windows. This program will find and than automatically download any images from not only websites but from web pages. The picaloader was able to download photos from several sites where direct downloads wear limited or nearly impossible.
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