by Psiphon Inc

Software for windows and mobile platform

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Psiphon Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Psiphon is a program that is positioned by developers as a means of circumventing network censorship. In fact, this is a VPN client that helps the user to work with web services that are blocked in his country. This is a really handy program that connects to the server in one click, keeps detailed reports on the work and, importantly, is completely free. In order to make surfing safe, the developers have provided support for SSH and SSH+ protocols in the program.

When using Psiphon you will lose a lot of speed in surfing, but you will become anonymous in the network and will be able to visit absolutely any web resources. In order to make the loss of speed less obvious, the program can automatically detect the nearest server to you. This helps to reduce data transfer time slightly. Of course, you can change the country of connection by yourself, but be prepared for the pages to load very slowly. Try to find a server as close as possible to the physical location of the computer you are using. That is, there is no sense in connecting to a server in Japan for a Moscow user, it would be preferable to choose a server located in Germany or the Netherlands.

After the connection is established, the browser must be restarted. Psiphon supports all web browsers and modern versions of Windows. The program has a very stylish graphic shell and is available for mobile platforms.

- allows you to bypass regional restrictions on the network completely free of charge;

- automatically selects the nearest VPN server to the user and connects to it;

- creates detailed "reports" about the client's work;

- supports SSH and SSH+ protocols;

- is available for both Windows and mobile operating systems.

tool use for internet communication
The software was relatively well-designed. From a user perspective, it was easy to understand the function of the software and how to carry out certain actions. I find the concept behind the software product interesting and would anticipate the software to grow in popularity over time. I think the software solves a real problem many internet users have (although perhaps many do not realize a solution exists)
I have spent a lot of trying looking for a type of vpn software that is reliable and helpful. I have used this a few times and find it so far to meet my expectations. It allows you to privately search the internet but what’s also cool is you are able to look for content uncensored. I appreciate the understanding of poeple’s privacy with a programs like this
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