Picture Manager

by Rick Mayatt

An Excel add-in allowing easy insertion, removal and management of multiple images in spreadsheets

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Rick Mayatt

Release : Picture Manager 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

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'Picture Manager' is an intuitive and user-friendly add-on for Microsoft Excel, primarily designed for corporate users. Its main function is to assist users in easily inserting multiple images (which are automatically sized to fit the cells) into one or multiple Excel worksheets at once. It proves extremely useful for businesses and companies globally that rely heavily on spreadsheets for distribution of product catalogs and brochures via email to their clients and suppliers.

This software greatly simplifies the process of integrating images with Excel worksheets, allowing individuals to focus on other tasks. It eliminates the tedious tasks of inserting and resizing images, which are typically done manually, one image at a time. Moreover, 'Picture Manager' allows for removal of all images from either individual or multiple Excel docs with just a few clicks.

  • Easy insertion of multiple images into Excel worksheets: Images are automatically sized to fit the cells.
  • Quick removal of all images from Excel documents: This function can be performed on either individual or multiple documents at once.
  • Quick writing of file names without extensions in any cell: Included for free in the demo version with no restrictions.

In today's challenging economic climate, businesses need to take steps towards being more efficient and productive. The 'Picture Manager' add-in for Excel can help you maximize your time and efforts, with impressive results. By using this software, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manually inserting and resizing images. These functions provide users with greater efficiency and productivity, which is essential in today's business environment.

'Picture Manager' streamlines the process of integrating multiple images into Excel worksheets, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

All in all, 'Picture Manager' is an invaluable tool for those who regularly work with Excel and want to ease the integration of images into their worksheets. Its ease of use and myriad of features make it one of the best options available for inserting and managing images within Excel.

Microsoft Excel 2016 or later installed
Windows 7 or higher operating system
Sufficient hard drive space for installation
Internet connection for software updates

Facilitates quick insertion and removal of images in Excel.
Automatically resizes images to fit cells.
Streamlines process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Lacks advanced image editing features.
Does not support all image file types.
No free version available.
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