Platinum Hide IP

by Platinum Hide IP

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Platinum Hide IP

Last revision: Last week

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Platinum Hide IP is one of those programs that allows you to "hide" the real IP-address of the user when in the network. Platinum Hide IP is built on the use of proxies from different countries, however, the free version gives the opportunity to work only with American servers. To use a proxy from other countries, you must purchase a license.

Changing the address does not require restarting the web browser or any other network application. Note that sometimes the program connects to the "dead" proxies. A clear sign of this is the loss of network connectivity. If you are on such a server, just disconnect from it and press the "Hide IP" key again. If you connect successfully, you will be able to access any site (available in the server country), but you will lose a lot of "surfing" speed. The degree of loss is highly dependent on the load not the server. The free version of the proxy is very heavily loaded, so when using it, be prepared for an extremely slow loading of pages. In general, we do not recommend using Platinum Hide IP without purchasing a license.

The program interface is as simple and intuitive as possible. The change of IP and "return" to the real address takes place in one click. Platinum Hide IP can be automatically loaded with Windows startup and connected to a server in the specified country. Also at startup it is possible to check for updates for the program on the official server.

- allows you to "hide" the user's IP address by using a proxy;

- allows you to select the server country (in a paid version);

- can be run together with Windows;

- does not require restarting applications that use the network at the time of IP change;

- automatically checks for updates at startup.

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