by iMobie

Transfer your iPods music easily to your PC or MAC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iMobie

Release: PodTrans 4.7.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PodTrans for Windows makes it easy to transfer your music to and from your iPod to your windows or MAC pc. with PodTrans for windows you don't need iTunes anymore to transfer files between your pc and your iPod, it's gone completely single and no more Itunes is needed for this. PodTrans is very quick and efficient with how you can transfer your music files to and from your pc and to your iPad.

PodTrans is also free and easy to use, it doesn't require much tech knowledge in order to get things done, it's intuitive for any age to use and won't give you a hassle either. PodTrans specializes in this because it's the only thing it's meant to do, it's meant to transfer your music files and you won't lose any files either, you won't get corrupt files and you definitely won't get broken music files on your iPad or PC, its purposefully designed to master in getting your transfers done flawlessly and without much hassle for the person utilizing this program.

PodTrans is the #1 transfer file service for iPods because no other program can compete with how fast and efficient it is.

easy transfers

the conclusion for PodTrans is that it's easy to use, it's proficient in what it is required and you don't need any external software like Itunes to transfer your music anymore, iPods to pc and pc to iPods hasn't ever been easier with the product PodTrans it is simply the best and it's very quick to do its job, you don't have to worry about files being mismanaged or torn apart or lost. PodTrans is the best in the business.

Justin Hall
Podtrans made it super easy for me to move all my digital media over to my computer. It was super simple and quick to process. I would recommend it to anyone needs to transfer between devices. I will be using this software in the future for transferring more files.
Connor Eads
Supported by Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, PodTrans is a cool tool to have installed for downloading, or transferring, free iPod music from your iPod. There's another product that work just as well with PodTrans called AnyTrans where it transfers from all iDevices (iPad, iPod, and iPhone) your music, imported or exported videos, and backup data via iPhone on WiFi automatically and securely. The PodTrans is a swell product to use if you are learning how to transition some of your audio and videos from your iPhone to another device without losing precious information.
PodTrans compared to some of its competitors is free. With PodTrans, Users can transfer files between their iPod and their Windows Pc. PodTrans has a drag and drop interface which makes it very convenient for users' to move different types of files between the Nano, Touch,Shuffle or iPod classic. iPod equally has a friendly user interface which makes it easy to use.
Podtrans is a program designed for managing music stored on the iPod. Through it, we can transfer music from iPod to PC and from PC to iPod. A simple program to use. Its an alternate for iTunes.
As you know if you are watching this you want to know this is great or not. I downloaded it and found it good to transfer file from iPod. This is a really good one. You can give it a try.
This software is to transfer from your iPod to your PC.... I am not sure WHY you would need this software since all you really need is the iTunes software that you all have? I recommend doing that actually.
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