Portable Pulover's Macro Creator

by Rodolfo U. Batista

Pulover's Macro Creator generates scripts and automations for users, supporting simple and complex automations.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Rodolfo U. Batista

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pulover's Macro Creator is a software tool with a range of useful functions. Its user-friendliness and easy learning curve make it ideal for new programmers seeking to try out a new software for flow management. Macro Creator is also open source, meaning that users can contribute to the software itself. And importantly, Macro Creator is free to download! The open source nature of the software and its free use represents a socially and fiscally equitable intervention into the software world, where many support services are costly and have barriers to access. 

The website for Macro Creator also features a forum where uses can share tips, tricks, and other information regarding Macro Creator. This user-generated space is representative of the open source ethos of the site, and is a lively space for developing community around coding macros. Forum topics are submitted by users, creating threads where others can respond and participate. The forum is a great space for new users to learn the current conversations about Macro Creator and get support in their own projects. 

Also as a benefit to new users, Macro Creator also offers both text and video tutorials on their website for new users. Those in need of support can download resources on the following topics:  PMC Demonstration File, Arrays, Compare Variables, Control Commands, Dynamic Variables, Functions, Loop Types, Random Function, User-Defined Functions, and Variables. This attention to support for new uses sers Macro Creator apart and enables even the greenest coder to get the results they want from the software they're using. 

The program itself is easy to access, too, and can be downloaded directly from the Macro Creator website. 

A free, open-source macro management tool

  • Record keystrokes and mouse movemens
  • Reproduce macros using automatic window activation
  • Execute image searches
  • Show message boxes
  • Control macro flows (if/then statements, etc.)
  • Use customizable hotkeys to enhance flor
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