PrintKey 2000

Redefine and modify screenshots once taken

Operating system: Windows

Release : PrintKey 2000 5.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Long, Long ago, under windows there reigned PrintKey 2000. ...A screenshot software which allowed one the opportunity to redefine and modify screenshots once taken. 

PrintKey 2000 is a screenshot polisher/modifyer. Once downloaded by owner, attaches to print screen key board. Here PrintKey 2000 can be used to capture images on computer screen. These screen shots can be used in files or documents.  Step one, opbatin printKey 2000. Step two, download software. Will download as a zipfile.  Compatable with Windows- WIndows 10. In download mode follow steps to install. Open screen for internet explore or internet. Step three, Kit print Key. Once print key is hit, screesnshot will be taken. If small portion is desired highlight desired portion and hit screenshot. Hit document and save. 
PrintKey 2000 is unique in that it is an easy access key which allows one the opportunity to easily screenshot. 


Co-exits under any Windows system.
  • Allows one to capture all or part of the screen when screen shooting 
  • Able to drop in document
  • Compatible with Windows 10 

Take a picture, it'll last Longer. Now one can with one simple Key. ...PrintKey 2000 is an easy one hit screenshot that is able to capture on-screen moments and save them in doc or file 

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Gregory Micah

PrintKey 2000 is a screenshot polisher, a modifier,a simple screen capturing program,a snipping tool for your Windows PC, a screen capture tool. Once downloaded by owner it attaches to print screen key board on the PC. Printkey can be used for a broad reason on the PC such as screen shots, snipping tool and so on and it also comes along with its on specific effects which also adds beauty to what ever you would want to use it foe
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first of all let me say that the website was very easy to use i.e user friendly . I like how it got right to the point and was able to tell me plainly what the website is all about..Now as for me this would come in handy that is to say be very useful for me because i do live stream and pre recorded streams on youtube..
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One of the things I really enjoy about PrintKey2000 is that is a very easy program to capture your screen. It offers all the same features that you would find in other programs. The program itself is also lightweight, being a very small file size. Some additional bonus features include an editor that can add various effects including color size, etc.
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Robert Hearn

PrintKey 2000 for Windows is printsccreen software that is more advanced that the original stock. It may prove itself useful if you are someone who is a fan of taking pictures on your desktop and do not like to go through the hassle of using paint to deliver or photoshop your printscreens. It is free and not that many megabytes so I am sure you'll have enough storage to download. All in all especially with the great functions it turns your windows into an os operating a lot more like a Mac.
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PrintKey 2000 on a daily basis proves itself to be useful for me at my job. The software is quite simple yet that's the best part. Its purpose it to take screengrabs from your desktop and save them for it to be printed or sent over. One of my favorite features is that you can use a tool to select a rectangular area where to take the screengrab, instead of taking a picture of the whole area, removing unneeded information. Perhaps my favorite part is that its free and matches fairly well to its competition.
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Print key is a screenshot software that used to be popular in the late 90s. It allowed users to modify screenshots are taking. In the early day of computers this would be a useful tool so they can share interesting ideas and opinions. Now they have much better tools to use and this doesn't seem as useful. I rate it a 4/10 due to the low relevance in today's world.
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I use it almost on a daily basis. It also comes with a variety of keyboard shortcuts. So if you're the type, you've got great software to work with
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I really liked using the printkey 2000 for Windows. It was very easy for me to screenshot anything that I needed. It is so much easier than the other ways. I am old-fashioned so it may just be that I have already adapted to this use.
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Printkey is a screen capture program that still is a very useful tool 20 years later. This is a way people can print screenshots for quick screen capture and it makes it a lot easier for people to start using their computers in an effective and efficient manner. Overall this is a good platform for people to start using their basic applications that can make a change in a day to day type of works. This is an app that i would love to download
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PrintKey is an excellent and fast way to send your screen captures directly to the printer to be printed off. My favorite feature is that you can set your hotkeys so you choose which keys to press for the screen grab. Also you can adjust the brightness and resize your screengrab before its sent to the printer for the best quality.
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PrintKey 2000 for Windows makes it really easy to edit any kind of screenshot that you've captured from your computer screen. The editing tools that are offered by the program are fairly basic, but that just means they're all the easier to use. This program can be set up in mere minutes and the output of the edited screenshots is very high quality.
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I have to take screenshots all of the time for work, and with those screen shots i have to paste them into a word document when submitted my reports. This program helps enhance and edit these screenshots if there are certain parts you want emphasis or simply just to clean up the image, especially since the integrity can degrade
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Back in the day, PrintKey was a fantastic software. I put it to good use. To the best of my memory, the program focused on speeding the image printing process while also providing some novel editing features. I had been using this until, oh 2000. Regardless of what many claim, this program was better than anything Microsoft had produced up until the advent of Mac computers and advanced operating systems.
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I love using PrintKey 2000 for Windows because it makes it so easy and convenient to take screenshots and screen grabs. Moreover, I can send those screenshots directly to my printer and the output is always clean, crisp and high quality. I never have to worry about the resulting image being too pixelated or blurry or small in order to see clearly.
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Rory E.

PrintKey 2000 is a Windows-based program that allows users to capture screenshots, edit images, and print or save the results. It offers a variety of features such as capturing the entire screen, active window, or a user-defined area, magnification, cropping, color adjustment, resizing, and the ability to add text or lines. PrintKey 2000 also supports different file formats, allowing users to save their screenshots in either BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, or PNG formats.
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Oliver Toan

PrintKey 2000 is a user-friendly software for capturing screenshots. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it has been quite helpful. It has a simple interface which makes it easy to use. It is able to capture screenshots quickly and accurately. Furthermore, it offers an array of editing options, so that the resulting image can be tailored to the user's needs. It also supports multiple image formats, which is a definite plus. Printing is also straightforward and hassle-free. Overall, PrintKey 2000 is a great tool for capturing screenshots.
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Blair Requeno

PrintKey 2000 was very easy to use and did the job nicely. Although it had some glitches here and there, it was still a good softawre invesment.
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Logan Q******q

PrintKey 2000 is an effective tool for quickly capturing screenshots, but it's interface could use some improvent as its unintuitive to use.
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Jake D******o

PrintKey 2000 is a useful software that allows you to easily capture screenshots of your computer screen. However, the interface is a bit outdated and may not be as intuitive for newer users.
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Harris Schnepper

PrintKey 2000 software is a useful tool for capturing and editing screenshots.
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