by ZapGrab International

A simple screen capturing program that can be used for a large variety of reasons!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ZapGrab International

Release: Zapgrab

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Zapgrab is an amazingly simple lightweight program that is easy to use yet carries the functionality of a much heavier program. It's a simple small program that takes seconds to download and install. Once installed on your computer it will add an icon to your taskbar. You simply click this button and a pop-up will load ask if you would like to grab a screenshot or exit the program. If you do want to take a screenshot simply click the screenshot icon which will result in a yellow box around your cursor. You can drag this yellow box around the screen and resize it with your mouse. Once you're satisfied with your screenshot simply click again and the screenshot is saved to your clipboard. You can now paste the screenshot into any program.

Using Zapgrab to take screenshots takes just seconds and you will be able to obtain as many high-quality screenshots as you need for anything you're trying to do! Once you've pasted the image into another program you will be able to save the image in any format you want. This allows you to keep the image quality as high or as low as you want! Saving the image into a high-quality format allows you to more easily show specific details of what's going on with your computer which may be good for technical support or troubleshooting purposes. Saving the image in a lower quality keeps the file size down which is good if you want to share the image over email or post it online for others to see.

Zapgrab works on any version of Windows from XP on. You can also download the Mac version if you're using a Mac. The licensing fee is only $6.99 for one person which is an absolutely amazing price for all of the features that you're getting!

Zapgrab is super simple to install and use on any computer!
Claire Porter
An exquisite little add on for desktop or laptop computer that enables you to take a screenshot. Very user friendly simple to install and use for an level of user. Application pins to task bar and when you are ready to use simply click and view pop-up instructions of either take a screenshot or close program.
Zapgrab is the best program for capturing screen recordings and is wholesome in its capturing capabilities. It will record and capture the entire screen and its elements with ease, making it perfect for those looking to demonstrate screen applications, and the output is simple and very pleasant overall. This is perfect for professors, mentors, or any user looking for this functionality.
ZapGrab is a quick and simple screen grabber to duplicate everything that shows up on your PC screen. Zapgrab is the least demanding programming in its class. You can pick precisely with your mouse the amount of the screen you need to catch. Zapgrab is a uber instrument for catching either the entire screen, a window, a locale, or a looking over the region, with only a solitary snap. ZapGrab is an American program organization committed to screening catch. ZapGrab is the world's driving supplier of screen catch programming for individual and expert use. Individuals wherever utilize our simple items to catch content from their screens in manners that assist them with conveying all the more obviously. For over multi-decade, the organization's honor winning innovations and programming have reclassified PowerPoint introductions and screen catch.
Zapgrab for Windows is all about screen capture. It's available on Mac, Windows and tablets. I love how it allows me to capture full screen or single window. It's perfect for what I need. I've been looking for a free tool like this for a long time to help me grab whatever I want on the screen. It's such a powerful tool. I will be using it a lot.
Zabgrab is a simple software application tool which is used to take capture or screenshot of whole screen. it simply capture the screen and saves as photos in particular directory. We can easily review from these photos for our personal and official uses. We can show these photos as proofs. We can capture whole or particular part of the screen using this application tool. This application tool can be operated with mouse click or short cut keys simply. This application is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems.
Zapgrab for Windows has exceeded my highest expectations. This software has the best capture screens I have ever seen. I like how I can see my desk top activities with just a few clicks of my mouse! This software program is nice to have as sometimes I walk away from my desk at work here and have wondered if people are going through my computer. With this program I can find out!
Zapgrab is free software that's able to capture your screen for you. It gives you screenshots that you can instantly see and save. I think it's super useful because I use it for work presentations. I can copy and paste a screen capture right into my Powerpoint presentations. It's useful for legal reasons too because I can capture receipts, emails, and all other kinds of information to save for work reasons. It's super easy to use and very intuitive.
Zapgrab is a great software that enable the user to capture their screen anytime in real-time and export the image. It is simple to use and easy to understand even for rookie user.
Zapgrab for Windows is an easy software for capturing anything that appears on a screen and pastes it directly into presentations.
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