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Publisher: Renewed Vision

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ProPresenter is such a great application that is specially designed for Workshop and presentation events such as worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, or studio broadcasts. It allows broadcasting live events very effectively. This application can be used in both Windows and MAC. Various features in this application make a good stage presence. It is very simple to use and very user-friendly application.


  • Multi-Layer Architecture
  • Layers can be controlled independently
  • A lot of Modules available
  • It is very easy to use
  • A lot of Templates available
  • Creation and Editing can be done very easily
  • Workshop-specific content availability
  • Multiple Languages are supported

ProPresenter is one of the beautiful application that is specially designed for workshop events and presentation events. Multilayer architecture of this application enables to control the layers independently. Module-based design is very suitable for all kinds of events.

It is very useful for live broadcasting events such as worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, or studio broadcasts.

The application is effortless to use, and any beginners can work in this application. A lot of templates available to make the presentations good. Multiple language support option is also very useful. There are a lot of optional modules available, and we can select based on our requirements. It is handy for live broadcasting events such as worship gatherings, sporting events, conferences, trade shows, or studio broadcasts.

Propresenter can be installed in Windows and MAC Operating System. Some of the Modules available are Multi-Screen Module, Alpha Keyer Module, Edge Blending Module, Master Control Module, Communication Module, and SDI Module. All these modules are sold separately, and we can purchase based on our requirements. Text Reflow Editor is used in an application that allows editing the text very quickly. Also, we can build slides with a lot of elements, such as shapes, text, graphics, etc. Finally, it is one of the best workshop presentation software.

It is mainly used for Stage Display. Both Windows and MAC will be supported.

ProPresenter simply is a superior Microsoft Powerpoint in nearly every way. For one, unlike Powerpoint, ProPresenter is free, making it great for someone on a budget. The software is also accessible on Mac and Windows which is super helpful for someone who has both computers from work and home. Not to mention that you can even use it on your phone with IOS or Android. There are so many presentation features available, but some of my favourite include a useful timer to display when slides are changing, data-driven text boxes set on current time or countdown timers and the list goes on. This software is an easy 10/10, if only more people knew about it, it would replace Powerpoint instantly.
Since i bought ProPresenter 6 days ago, my life has been so much easier as a teacher. The well thought out UI makes it easy to create my presentations in half the amount of time it takes to create one in Google Slides, which, as a teacher, makes a big difference. I totally recommend that other people buy this and use it, as it will save you so much time and make your life just a little bit easier. 9/10, totally recommend if you create presentations
I've tried out many presentation software for my Windows machine, but this one just stands out. It's so easy to use and I can put together a presentation a lot quicker using it. There are continuous updates with new features. The tech group is made up of religious people and all very responsive. What I love about this software is that it includes 69 versions of the Bible for free. Don't bother me for the next decade. I'll be busy with my Bible study.
ProPresenter for Windows is a software help the users to create amazing and flexible presentations. This software allows you to create presentation, playlist, announcements loops and controlling all of your content with ease, ProPresenter for window actually shows its content using multiple layer stacked on the top of each other to create the final output and each of this layer can be controlled independently, those layer include the video input layer, the presentation media, slide layer, the announcement layer with contain their own media and slide layers inside of it, and the last one is the props and messages layers.
This product is brilliant. It has been a great addition to our small up and coming church. Our members really enjoy the added technology and it makes our services more fun and interactive. I highly recommend this to all churches to use.
Great program if you work in a church and need to create presentations. With ProPresenter you can put on lyrics, videos, sermon notes, and pretty much anything else that you may need. Personally, I use it to make the announcements for my church, and it hasn't disappointed me. Highly recommend!
I love using ProPresenter for Windows because it's a program that makes it so easy to make presentations that look not just professional but also effortless. It comes with a full suite of special effects that are guaranteed to make your final product look like you put it together seamlessly, regardless of whether you're trying to thread together media files with slides or add your own original audio.
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