by K-Meleon

An open-source web browser for Microsoft Windows designed to be fast and reliable

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: K-Meleon

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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K-Meleon is a small and fast web browser based on Mozilla's Gecko engine (the popular Firefox browser runs on this engine). K-Meleon is an open source project distributed under the GNU license, i.e. completely free of charge.

The browser does not create a heavy load on the system and is not too demanding on the computer resources. Especially with regard to RAM, K-Meleon is the leader in terms of memory consumption among most other browsers.

The main features of this web browser are the following: the use of Windows interface instead of XML User Interface, which is used by other browsers on the engine, so as to achieve high speed of work, its own macro language, which allows almost infinite expansion of browser functionality, the possibility of full customization - setting up the browser according to your preferences: you can configure everything from the main and context menus, the possibility of flexible configuration of toolbars and ending with the purpose of Go�

The K-Meleon browser supports the system of tabs used by modern browsers, allows you to import files with bookmarks from Netscape/Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, has protection against spyware and malware, and can block pop-up or automatically opening windows and many other functions.

An interesting fact: the history of the K-Meleon browser started a year earlier than the development of the Firefox web browser, in the distant 2000 as a system for testing the Gecko engine.

- Bookmark system: K-Meleon allows you to keep several pages of websites open at the same time and provides quick navigation between them. This can be useful for advanced Internet searches, eliminating the need to open multiple windows and constantly move from one window to another;

- Mouse movement links management: mouse cursor gestures were an innovation of Opera browser and now became a necessary attribute of any browser. With the help of the corresponding K-Meleon plugin you can navigate through the links simultaneously by clicking the right mouse button and moving the cursor;

- Toolbar, menu, context menu and hotkeys: one of the main advantages of K-Meleon is the advanced settings of all browser components. You can easily change the list of items in the menu and context menu by adding items you need and deleting unnecessary ones, access any function from the toolbar or assign any function combination of hotkeys;

- Pop-up blocking: activate this option to block pop-up ad pages or pages that may be harmful to your computer;

- Fast browser loading: the time from double-clicking on the browser icon to the full launch of the application is the smallest among all Gecko-based browsers;

- Quick Internet search: Click the search button on the toolbar to enter your search query and search in Google. By default, the Ctrl+G key combination is registered for this function, but of course it can be changed to any one convenient for you;

- Topics and skins: K-Meleon is one of the easiest browsers to create new skins. Many users put topics and skins for this browser on the Internet.

The customizable interface for k-meleon is very creative. it allows for some of the most innovative things to be discovered by the general public. The browser is superior to all other browsers and is very fast and reliable.If you want thew best broswer to use, you go with this one, hands down and there is nothing better.
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