Virtual Router Plus

by Runxia Electronics Co. Ltd

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Runxia Electronics Co. Ltd

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43259

Virtual Router Plus is a program that turns your computer or laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. It helps you share the Internet with any device that has a wireless network adapter and does not require complicated configuration. Please note that at the moment the developer has stopped supporting this program, so on the latest version of the Windows operating system there may be problems with the launch.

The user only needs a couple of simple steps to start a wireless access point. Start Virtual Router Plus, enter the point name, password and press the Start key. After that, you can connect any device to the wireless network: laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Virtual Router Plus uses the WPA2 protocol, which is the most secure at the moment, to protect the connection. When selecting a password that is sufficiently secure, the user can not worry about the confidentiality of transmitted data and possible "hacking" of the access point.

Keep in mind that after each reboot of the computer, the network needs to be re-configured (although this is done very quickly). In addition, Virtual Router Plus is not guaranteed to work properly when the PC goes into standby mode or on the account selection screen. That's probably the only serious drawback to the program. Otherwise, it is one of the best and, equally importantly, completely free solutions to make your computer perform the functions of a Wi-Fi router.

- Quickly set up an access point on a computer or laptop with a Wi-Fi adapter by pressing a couple of keys;

- Use of a secure WPA2 data encryption protocol;

- compatibility issues with new versions of Windows;

- Create a new access point each time your computer restarts;

- minimum number of settings and parameters;

- a very simple interface.

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