Punto Switcher

by Яндекс

Safe and secure processor for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Яндекс

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It often happens that you write a long message in Skype or type some text in Word, and then you find nonsense of English letters. And all this happens because we haven't changed the layout in time or just jammed the toggle keys. With this program, all these problems will remain in the past. And it works in any editor, on sites, in social networks or in a messenger running on your computer. You can disable automatic switching to change the layout as desired using a preset key combination.

Among other interesting functions there is an auto-replace of phrases. This is also useful for complex words that are not in the program database. By adding them to the special list, the words will be automatically replaced by the one specified by the user. There is also a separate tab for exception programs, where the prescribed rules will not apply. It is necessary to separate the function "Diary", which allows you to save absolutely any text information on your computer. To do this, tick the appropriate settings tab and type in the password.

In 2008, Yandex acquired Punto Switcher. That's why the utility contains a lot of functions related to the search engine "Yandex". For example, the "Find in Yandex" function works as follows: by selecting a word on any site and pressing Win+S key combination, the user will proceed to search for it in Yandex. For other search functions, you need to assign hot keys yourself.

Punto Switcher has been successfully working for the benefit of users for 13 years. During this time, it has gained popular recognition, becoming one of the best programs to work with the highlighted text, switching the keyboard layout and case letters.

- Automatic replacement of incorrectly typed text;

- the ability to translate text from one layout to another by key combination;

- takes up about 6-7 MB of RAM;

- Flexible setting of all program functions by means of hot keys;

- you can clear the formatting in the clipboard contents (Ctrl+Win+V);

- the ability to save the text typed on the computer in the Diary;

- working with Yandex.

Who does not get tired of the toggle feature on computer and phones? The Punto Switcher always you to auto replace phrases, disable automatic switching, adding a special list and so much more. The frustration will go out the window and make writing so much more enjoyable.
iBackupBot looks convenient and useful! If it's able to read the devices without issue, I think this tool would be great for the average user. My only question is, do the files backup to the cloud or to the PC's hard drive? If they backup to the PC's hard drive that would be my only reservation for using it.
Punto Switcher is a program to automatically switch between different keyboard layouts. I use it because it can be a bit of a pain to switch from one to another. As a multi-lingual, I can switch from one language to another without really thinking about it. Punto helps by making it an automated switch instead of me having to go in and manually switch it up. Very helpful!
Punto Switcher is a best application program to switch keyboard layout from one language to another language. It automatically clearing copied text.
Punto Switcher is a program that automatically switches the keyboard layout. Improved behavior in Mozilla security diary. This program received 2 awards It's a great and useful application
As a multi-lingual man, I hate having to switch my keyboard settings whenever I write something in my native language. Punto Switcher skips the whole annoying process by automatically detecting when I'm writing in something other than English. Then, it automatically switches my keyboard settings and rewrites what I was typing in the correct language. It's a fast convenient time-saver. I love it!
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