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RAD Game Tools offers tailored tools for video game development.  These tools include Oodle Data Compression, Miles Sound System, Granny 3D, Bink Video and Telemetry Profiling System.


  • Video Codecs with HDR support and GPU decoding
  • Fastest Lossless data decoding in the world
  • Monitor and tune application performance
  • Toolkits for building 3D games
  • Sound authoring for 2D and 3D digital audio

RAD Game Tools offers the fastest and user-friendly game development tools on the market.  These tools are tailored specifically for each game developer's criteria.  Bink Video offers HDR support and GPU decoding as never seen before. Decode 4K video frames with ease.  2.3ms on PS4 and Xbox. 1.4ms on PC.

Developers are the actual people doing tech support for their own product.

Oodle, the data compression tool, offers three codecs that decode faster than anything else available. Oodle Kraken, Oodle Mermaid, and Oodle Selkie pave the way with the new Oodle Kraken offering the highest compression rates.  The Oodle network compresses packets for TCP or UDP networking at six times bit packing alone.  This allows you to have more players while requiring less bandwidth. 

Telemetry allows real-time visualization of application performance. Focus on exact executions to increase optimization.  You will find improvements you never knew existed in the first place.  

Granny 3D will handle all of your modeling needs and run time animations. Export Max, Maya, and XSI data.  She will support your models, animations, and textures.  Run time animations, texture map generation, building game engines or improve your current one...Granny 3D is here to please.

The Miles Sound System 10 tool tackles digital audio in both 2D and 3D with built-in decoders. Features include streaming, environmental and convolution reverb, multistage DSP filtering, multichannel mixing, and highly optimized audio decoders.  These decoders can handle MP3, Ogg, and Bink audio as examples.  Miles can be used on any gaming platform.

The RAD Game Tools Splitter is a must-have suite for any professional game developer or aspiring game developer. This software offers multiple tools for compression, decoding, 3D animation and surround sound. I´ve never used a Game development tool that offers anywhere near the decoding speed of the RAD software and it works fairly well even on mid to low spec systems where you´d expect render time to make you old and gray. Its a wonderful tool and I´m happy I purchased it.
RAD Game Tools is a software that allows you to separate videos included in games that you would normally not be able to watch, and watch them on their own, to relive experiences you had with the game without playing it all over again. This feature is really useful if you're feeling nostalgic about certain CD games you played but don't want to deal with hours of gameplay to get to it. In itself, it works like a regular video player so you can familiarize yourself with the program relatively quickly and it works great as a video platform.
If you want to enjoy video games without the CD like me, then you need to install RAD Game Tools Splitter for Windows. It allows me to play BIK and SMK videos in many different kinds of players. You don't have to spend money CD to watch the game videos. You can watch it all on your computer. I am so excited about this. Game videos are so cool. Rarely do I encounter something I am this excited about. Like this is truly awesome.
It is for game development. It includes data compression, Miles, and sound system. It has release the multimedia app. It allows to see the videos in BIK and SMK format for current media players.
unlike most generic software tools rad game is here to revolutionalize how we do staff on-line and it just saves tones of time which translates to money saved.
RAD Game Tools Splitter is a suite of tools for game developers. It will let you view BIK and SMK videos in most video players. It makes it easy to play games without having to use the software that comes with the initial setup disks. I am highly satisfied with this software because all you do is download and it will install easily on your computer.
The feature is really useful and great if you feel nostalgic. It frankly works quite well if you're a regular player. It's easy to familiarize yourself with it.
An absolute lifesaver when it comes to video game development! I use this at my work, and it's just such a helpful tool that I would recommend it to any freelance or professional video game developers. The toolkits for making 3D games are my favorite feature, and it's just so useful too that you can monitor and tune application performance. I'd definitely recommend it.
Since I am a game developer, I was looking for a suite of tools I can use in developing games. My friends have all raving about RAD Game Tools Splitter for Windows so I decided to give it a try. I downloaded it online. I've spent the past few days messing around in it. The thing I love the most about it are the Toolkits for building 3D games. It makes development easier. I can also create 2D and 3D digital audio. It's the complete package.
RAD Game Tools Splitter for Windows is a really handy program that I think all gamers and editors should have at hand. It allows you to play videos from games and tourism CDs which usually take unconventional formats such as BIK and SMK. The UI and interface are easy to navigate and it saves you the trouble of opening the game ord CD just to see the video you wanted.
Pretty easy to get familiar with the software which is great for new players. I did not like the website it could be better.
As someone beginning to develope my own games, Rad game tools is such an amazing tool for me. It has everything I need to develope, including an amazing sound designer. Yet it is so much more user friendly than anything else I have tried. I would highly recommend this.
The RAD Game Tools Splitter is a priority suite for any expert game designer or hopeful game engineer. This product offers various instruments for pressure, deciphering, 3D liveliness and encompass sound. I've never utilized a Game improvement instrument that offers remotely close to the unraveling velocity of the RAD programming and it functions admirably even on mid to low spec frameworks where you'd expect render time to make you old and dim. Its a great device and I'm cheerful I bought it.
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