Reason Core Securit

by Reason Software

Anti-malware program from the developers of HerdProtect

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Reason Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Reason Core Securit software is installed alongside an anti-virus, which adds another layer of security to your computer. This is useful because some adware, spyware, or malware can slip by your anti-virus or firewall, so this software adds that the second layer of defense needed.


  • Real-time scanning - This means that adware and spyware are scanned constantly and are very fast at protecting your computer. No other programs are this fast at detecting and quarantine malware. This software also touts that it will not interfere with your current cyber-threat package, which is very nice considering many anti-malware services are detected as malware from an anti-virus program!
  • Simple Interface - The GUI is very intuitive and is easy to navigate. It is always very annoying and difficult to sift through tons of menus in a complicated anti-malware program. This software allows for many advanced features like others but offers a very user-friendly main screen that holds all the essential info you would want instead of searching through menus to find it.
  • Task Scheduler Integration - Another lovely addition to the program is the fact that it works very well with the Windows task scheduler. For many people, they use this very frequently, and to add an anti-malware service to the task scheduler queue is very helpful. Being real-time is also a great addition, but using task scheduler to schedule more complex scans is an outstanding feature, and one I would use very often as a network administrator. 

In conclusion, the Reason Core Security for windows program does not offer anything new. It does not reinvent the wheel by any means but, it does provide excellent protection and real-time scanning that is faster than many competitors and is a cheaper option with many if not all of the main features.

Very inexpensive and offers the same results
Sadman Kabir
This is a very good software to use alongside antivirus software. I highly recommend using this software a the earliest. Their updates are really well maintained and even detects new malware programs and deletes them at an instant. The scheduler also works perfectly.
Reason Core Security is a good antivirus software program. It detects malware and prevents installation of unwanted bundles. It is relatively inexpensive and is affordable for most everyone. Your subscription will allow you to install on up to five different computers. You can use it for up to 14 days with a free trial and you can scan for unwanted viruses to get a good idea of how it works. It offers powerful cyber protection in an ever changing internet environment.
I've heard good things about Reason Core as antivirus software for Windows so I downloaded and installed it on my computer. I was looking for an antivirus that I can use. This is not a free software but added security is worth the price. I found it online for less than $25, so it's not expensive. I like how the program scanned everything for malware and cleans it if anything looks suspicious. Just added peace of mind. There's been so many bugs going around these days.
reason core security is to protect your pc from viruses and other malware. advanced and effective threat removal it is fast light and easy to use. the download is free now. it blocks and remove different malware.
There are so many antivirus programs out there. I decided to try Reason Core Securit for Windows. It is mainly used by businesses. I have a small business and think it will fit what I am looking for in securing my computers. I want that peace of mind knowing that my employee's data and computer information are safe. These days with so many companies being hacked, I have to be extra careful. Reason Core Securit has been used by many users so I know I am making the right decision.
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