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Effective and powerful protection on the internet when you need it most

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Practical and powerful protection on the internet when you need it most

STOPzilla is leading antivirus software that is currently available to handle all of your internet security needs.  We all use the internet every day.  Now, more than ever, it has become imperative that we protect our devices from viruses, malware, and other intruders that may pop up when we are connected to the world wide web.  


Scans hourly to ensure you stay virus-free
  • Hourly scans on your devices that automatically find any unwanted intruders. You do not even notice it is working, but it really is.  Scanning every hour ensures that STOPzilla detects each and every threat to your device and removes it before it has a chance to invade.
  • Using the state of the art STOPzilla software will not impact the performance of your computer in any way.  You will not even notice that it is there.  It will now slow down your work, downloading or streaming on your computer.
  • STOPzilla contains a smart web blocker that will instantly seek out and protect you from suspicious sites.  It will stop the user from having their personal and sensitive information being in the wrong hands.  It automatically detects these malicious websites and will steer you clear of them, keeping your information safe and sound.
  • STOPzilla provides end to end scanning of any external devices that come in contact with your computer. This includes USB drives and other storage devices.  Scanning these storage devices before they have a chance to infect your computer ensures your computer will stay safe.

STOPzilla has many components that fit together like a puzzle.  Each piece is important in the protection of your personal information.  We all need to protect our sensitive information, and installing STOPzilla is a great way to do it.  Once installed, you won't even know it is there. But it will always be working for you.

Evan Neely
STOPzilla for Windows is not a free anti-virus software for Windows, based on what I have seen I already do not prefer this to certain standard Anti-Virus programs like AVG, and in addition to an Anti-Virus program like AVG I would rather run some spybot software to protect it. It is good if you have nothing as there is a free trial, personally not my first choice. Does not look bad or like the worst of the anti-virus softwares, reliability at least a 7.
STOPzilla AntiVirus 8.0 for Windows is an excellent product. It provides all the tools needed to keep your computer free of viruses and malware. It is easy to install and uses the most up to date virus and malware protection including anti-root kit technology. It provides effective protection without impacting the performance of your computer.
This program doesn't ever stop working. It's working hard in the background to make sure I don't get attacked by viruses. It prevents new infections. It blocks sites from stealing my information. Just working hard all the time to keep me safe. I am so happy I installed it on my Windows computer. It helps me sleep better at now knowing that my computer and information are secure. I downloaded for the special discount they are offering so it was a great deal too.
STOPzilla is a powerful antivirus designed to detect and defeat viruses, malware and other issues affecting software. This software is designed to detect these issues fast. This can do it in a battery-conservative way. The software can scan removable drives too as well. It does come with a recurring fee based on what they charge per year per computer but the more computers you have the more on average per year it is cheaper per computer.
STOPzilla AntiMalware eliminates existing malware threats on a computer and prevents infection by future threats when a user browses online. Unlike some other antimalware software products, STOPzilla will work with antivirus software already installed to provide an extra layer of protection. It does its job by blocking execution files based on their reputation level. Users find its interface uncomplicated making it easy to use. The software works with Windows 10, 8, and 7 as well as with XP and Vista.
STOPzilla is your typical antivirus software that offers the same features as many other antivirus software. STOPzilla works in the background to ensure your computer is protected in real time. It also has one of my favorite features called "application whitelist" which allows you to mark certain applications as safe. Does it stand above all other anti virus software? I can't that it does, but I can say that it will stand among the best anti virus software on the market. At the moment there is a special offer that will give you a $30 discount if you purchase today. So if you are looking for affordable protection this is a good deal.
the mentioned anti virus is good and system friendly. it does not require any high configuration for it to work properly. also its memory engagement and background process is low so the system it is installed on does not a lag or slow. the mentioned anti virus is also available in many options and choices as per the needs of the users installing it to their systems for various purposes.
This app is a great antivirus system. It detects all kinds of viruses and stops them and deletes them before they can do too much damage. It has active scanning so it never stops searching for viruses. It is always working silently in the background, so you do not have to worry about it bothering your work throughout the day.
STOPzilla is an anti-virus product that is quick at scanning devices and catching and removing threats such as, viruses from your windows device. they have a simple money back moto, which I thought was a kind of simple catch phrase. If you are not satisfied, then they are not satisfied either. This makes me feel like I can trust them as a company that will put their customers first in general. It claims to work silently in the background, and will not do any type of harm to your device. On a very important not for everyone, the software has a feature that blocks malicious websites from stealing your information. I can clearly see the benefits of a software product like this, and would be opening to giving it a chance.
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