ROX Player

by ROX Player

Helps you listen to all different media files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ROX Player

Release: ROX Player 1.480

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Have you ever wanted to listen to something without having to download the file? Rox may be for you. The Rox player is good for everyday usage. It Is a powerful media file player that is easy to use and use for everyday use. It can play all modern media formats. It uses Windows 10 or other older windows formats. Rox can also play different video files on your device. Rox uses HTTP, IPTV, and even BitTorrent. You can also watch or listen to the file without being able to download it first which is nice. FIles sound very smooth and very good. If you are looking for an overall good media player that plays media and video files look towards Rox player! It even plays HD movies! You can also found Rox for a free download and easy to install on your computer which is nice! You can't beat free when looking for a media/video player for your computer.  Rox works on Windows and Mac OS. You can also get lots of plugins for Rox if you want it to be more than the traditional file. The only drawback of Rox is it does not let you queue media files. 

Rox is also easy to use it has playback features on the top such as volume and can load files by dropping them. It is an easy program to use even for beginners. Some of this product's features are listed below.


This software is better because the software can play local media files.
  • play all local media files
  • Hassle free-playback
  • Play all video files
  • streams in HTTP, IPTV, & BitTorrent

Rox player plays all files, (video & media). It is good for daily use and you can usually get it for free! Make sure you download Rox on your device today! Works on Windows and MacOs. In my opinion, Rox is one of the better media players out there. 

Abel Reyes
Rox player is extremely useful, this is the program that i was needed for long time, I am a media producer, so I have to handle with audio and video and I always have problem with the formats of the file, i have to use some specific software for one file, another for other files and such, it is just a waste of time and money, but this software is my golden gate for the effectiveness in my job, I can play any format in this program, either video or audio, this is just amazing.
ROX player is the perfect application to allow you to turn your PC or laptop into a media player. It is essentially a TV application, being a superb replacement to other media players and allowing files to be played from various sources on the internet. This is recommended for any user looking to stream online files of various formats.
ROX player is an optimal and feature-packed software product that can transform your PC or laptop into a theater. An alternative for players such as Windows Media Player, this player supports a variety of protocols, is compatible with all modern media formats, is free and easy to use. Up your home entertainment experience with this wonderful product and enjoy it as if you're in a home theater!
the rox player is a music player and has the ability to play files from any space on the internet. variety of files will also be supported as it does this with an outstanding music background. it's important to also know that this app is a great video play due to its ability to play high-quality videos so i will give it a 4 star.
Watch files from anywhere with this easy-to-use video file player. This video player also automatically updates, so you never have to worry about it being out of date or not playing your files properly. It integrates networks to easily play your files from anywhere on the internet. It also plays them in HD, the quality is always perfect and crisp. I would highly recommend this for everyone looking for a good video player.
Rox Player is a great alternative to the standard media players. It supports all codecs without annoying updates and downloads. Its free and available to all windows users. With its easy to use GUI, you can use it to turn your PC into a television in no time at all. Additionally, you can use it to stream torrents in real time, which is a big benefit to me.
ROX Player for Windows is just like VLC Player. Downloading this will enable you to open and access just about any audio or video file. I know there is constantly issues on my device with errors or messages like "unable to open file," or "file type cannot be read", and ROX Player seems to solve that issue.
ROX player is an innovative media player which can be used to play various audio and video files. It is designed to be simple and can be used in our daily life. It supports all types of videos, DHT, IPTV and P2P protocols. It has an enormous potential to play modern media formats. You can play in a window or on full screen.
Rox Player is great for transforming your laptop or desktop into your own high definition television. This all-in-one media player for windows will automatically update any audio or video codecs and supports a variety of protocols, including IPTV. Easily the best option for enjoying a wide range of media files.
One of the best plaform for high speed ever best option is rox player because the rox player is excellent light weight media player.and it's also very friendly to the linux plaform ,rox player offer u can easy to stream torrents from ur computer .And its consist the ability to accept playback of via streaming compatabilty with other the rox player its very easy streaming and the powerfull free software for window subcategory of jokes distraction videos animation all created by rox player the best good software most important this software required less spaces .Rox player has an enormous potential playing all modren media format easy to use good stream and best software
ROX Player for windows is the best application software that allows to run a media files. ROX player is very light weighted media player application that allows real time media file formats. Software is made up of C++ and it is very efficient to use in windows systems and linux basis systems. It is a freeware application software to use. It has neat and simple user interface for playing video files.
ROX Player is multimedia player designed to be as simple as possible to use, but despite the latter it still includes appealing options
ROX Player for Windows is a program that you can use at no charge. It allows you to have more room to work with. ROX Player for Windows is used in different countries. In addition, ROX Player for Windows can be used in multiple languages. Besides that, ROX Player for Windows has been a part of other programs since 2014. Overall, ROX Player for Windows is a wonderful tool for media.
If you're looking for software that does what is advertised then this is a must. It plays all the common files that I have on my computer. Unfortunately, the UI does not provide much in the way of fancy looks or extreme customization. This can be overlooked since the player itself works without issue. I was unable to test AIFF files to confirm that they work. I may use this in the future if the UI is updated.
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