Safe4cam Latitude

Sends its location and an image from the attached webcam to website to aid the retrieval of stolen laptops

Operating system: Windows

Release: Safe4cam Latitude 1.09

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Safe4cam Latitude (for Windows) is a software that is used to retrieve stolen laptops and provide peace of mind to laptop owners.  The program runs in the background at the start of every Windows session and closes after 60 seconds after connecting to the internet in order to go unnoticed from the laptop thief.  Once the stolen laptop begins a Windows session and is connected to the internet, the laptop's IP address is sent to Safe4cam's website in order to track down the laptop's location.  Also sent to the Safe4cam website when connected to the internet are images taken from the attached webcam in order to identify the laptop thief.  The entire process takes about 60 seconds and is performed secretly in the background in order to go unnoticed by the laptop thief and prevent the laptop thief from abandoning the stolen laptop in another location.  Its inconspicuous performance ensures that the stolen laptop is almost certainly retrieved and the alleged laptop thief will be captured.


  • Transmits IP address to the website in order to detect stolen laptop's location
  • Transmits images from attached webcam to website in order to identify alleged laptop thief
  • Runs in the background and closes after completing a task to go unnoticed
  • Takes only 60 seconds to perform its task once connected to the internet
  • Provides peace of mind to laptop owners

Safe4cam Latitude (for Windows) is a dependable security software created to ensure that laptop owners' valuable property will be returned to them after their laptops have been stolen.  The software works quickly and secretly in order to allow the program to transmit the stolen laptop's location and thief without alerting the perpetrator.  The program provides peace of mind to laptop owners and allows them to protect their investment as well as bring justice to potential laptop thieves.

Runs in background and functions unnoticed
Their are a lot of tracking tools available for mobile location tracking But PC location tracking apps are very low. This app will make it easy to track your thieved laptop it send the thief IP and to safe4cam's server in less than a minute.
Mason Chaffee
Every laptop should come with this software pre installed. It is very easy to locate a stolen laptop and identify who stole it. Ive seen this type of thing in the movies before but didn't know it actually existed. It uses your webcam to catch the thief which is super cool.
I love this product. As someone that lives in a big city and takes their laptop on the tube every day, it makes me feel safer having this software installed. Thankfully my laptop has never been stolen but I tried the software out with my boyfriend and it seemed to work great. I could easily see my boyfriend's face through the webcam and the IP address he was on. It was really quick as well.
Alexander V*******t
Safe4cam Latitude is a cloud-based software platform for video surveillance and security. It enables users to manage their video surveillance systems remotely and securely, as well as to monitor and analyze video data for a variety of purposes. It provides tools for motion detection, access control, and analytics, allowing users to quickly detect suspicious activity and respond accordingly. Additionally, Safe4cam Latitude offers features such as encryption, authentication, and data protection to keep surveillance data safe and secure.
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