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Operating system: Windows

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Viscosity is a unique OpenVPN Client software application created for Windows users which can be used by Mac users as well, so its security software for everyone.  With it, a user can connect to a VPN server to make a VPN connection with peace of mind. Viscosity provides the means to interface in an easy way and allows one to manage VPN connections.  Anyone can adopt it quickly.

With using Viscosity a user is able to make a connection to a VPN server that supports OpenVPN.  This typically includes many free and commercial VPN services.  The connections can be made quickly and easily without the typical technical requirements and complications.  It takes the process to a new level of connecting with greater comfort.

A user can feel safe connecting to networks at companies or at home remotely, knowing that they are actively protected while using the networks, without any detrimental impact on the technical performance.

Its specially engineered software allows you to access your online connections confidently and securely.

  • Viscosity has a cross-platform feature that allows for both Windows and Mac usage
  • Its been designed for easy use for everyone with its intuitive interface
  • Viscosity is currently being used everywhere successfully, both commercially and at home
  • It monitors your traffic statistics so you have the important details of your network connections at your fingertips
  • Enterprise support is available to the end-user
  • Built-in supports keep your private credentials safe and secure
  • Script support is easily available
  • Smart card tokens support available
  • Multiple connections supported
  • Proxy integration available
  • And much more support is offered

Viscosity OpenVPN Client software is software that has stepped up to meet your security software needs and standards in a rapidly evolving technological environment.  It meets the challenges presented by the prospect of making network connections securely and in many different situations.   One can feel confident knowing that Viscosity has taken the work out of meeting your technological needs and goals so that you can think less about the issues and get on with the work at hand.  Our expertise is now in your hands.

Viscosity for Mac end-users will require a Mac operating system of 10.11 or later, running Version 1.7.16

For Windows users, Windows 7 or later is needed along with Version 1.7.16

Viscosity 1.2 (5.66 MB)
Viscosity 1.3.4 (5.73 MB)
Viscosity 1.3.5 (5.72 MB)
Viscosity 1.3.7 (3.12 MB)
Viscosity 1.4 (3.66 MB)
Viscosity 1.4.5 (3.47 MB)
Viscosity 1.4.7 (3.61 MB)
Viscosity 1.4.8 (3.71 MB)
Viscosity 1.4.9 (3.71 MB)
Viscosity 1.5.3 (2.96 MB)
Viscosity 1.5.4 (3.04 MB)
Viscosity 1.5.6 (3.26 MB)
Viscosity 1.5.7 (3.26 MB)
Viscosity 1.6.4 (3.61 MB)
Viscosity 1.7.2 (4.03 MB)
Leo Mcculloch
a windows software for vpn networks and private networks.
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